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Choosing your Summer Patio Furniture

Whilst all garden furniture is primarily used in the summer, there are plenty of materials that thrive better in the hot weather and with a heatwave in full swing, it is important to ensure your furniture can withstand the rising temperatures. Here, we have outlined the pros and cons of some of the most popular patio furniture materials on the market.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture


Wood is a popular choice for patio furniture as it is strong and robust. However, if you like the colour of your wood furniture you best keep it in the shade because when exposed to sunlight wood colouring will fade and turn silvery. Many people like this silvery colour and if you are one of these people then wood is a great choice for summer furniture, however, if you prefer your wood a golden brown then you will have to regularly maintain your furniture to keep this look.

Metal & Iron

If your patio area has lots of shade, then metal and iron furniture can be a good look. However, if you prefer to be in the sunshine these materials should be avoided. This is because in high temperatures these materials heat up and become quite uncomfortable to sit on. Plus, if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your garden or the kids are enjoying a paddling pool on the lawn, you will not want your furniture near these damp settings as they could rust.

Outdoor Fabric Garden Furniture

Cast Aluminium

Cast aluminium is very popular because of the unique shapes and patterns that can be created within the furniture, bringing a touch of personalisation and tradition to your patio. Cast aluminium does not become as hot as other metals and is therefore comfortable to sit on even in high temperatures. Plus, cast aluminium does not rust so it is ideal for glamorous poolside locations.

Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric garden furniture is ideal for summer weather. The fabric will not heat up making it incredibly comfortable to sit on. Plus, as the furniture is made using cast aluminium frames and quick dry foam this furniture will not rust and will repel water keeping it dry and good to use. Another brilliant benefit to outdoor fabrics is the stain repellent material. This means should the kid’s drop an ice cream, or ketchup from your barbecued burgers drops onto the fabric you can clean the mess up and there will be no stains.

Rattan Garden Furniture

White Stores’ Rattan

Our weatherproof rattan is made with powder coated aluminium frames and PE synthetic rattan. These materials are completely weatherproof and ideal for summer use. Our rattan has been tested in temperatures up to 40°C to ensure that the furniture will not melt in high temperatures. Plus, the rattan is completely UV resistant meaning that it will not discolour when exposed to lots of sunlight.

Rattan garden furniture is virtually maintenance free and this means that any spills or messes can be cleaned up with ease so there is no need to worry about dropping things on the furniture. Plus, as the furniture is completely water resistant and can not be damaged by damp conditions it is ideal for poolside locations.

If you’re going to be spending plenty of time in the garden this summer, then we always advise investing in a parasol to protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. If you want to view any of our recommended summer furniture materials such as rattan, cast aluminium and fabric, as well as our range of parasols then we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can test these items for yourself to experience the quality of the materials.