The 5 Patio Furniture Items to Make Your Garden “Posher”

The 5 Patio Furniture Items to Make Your Garden “Posher”

The garden should be as much of an integral part of your home as the living area. It is a space for relaxing, activities, socialising and sunshine. As we all like to make our homes look as luxury as possible, why shouldn’t we do the same with our gardens? Here are the top 5 garden furniture items that will make your garden “posher” this summer.

Outdoor Fabric Sofa Sets

1. Outdoor Fabric

Nothing says luxury quite like a fabric sofa set, outdoors! These weatherproof fabric pieces have been developed exclusively for the outdoors, allowing you to sit in comfort and style without having to keep an eye on dark clouds.

This outdoor fabric is water repellent, meaning that light showers or spills will bead and repel away from the furniture, simply rolling off, keeping the furniture dry. Heavier showers will run right through and out the other side, thanks to the quick dry foam, meaning after a sunny spell, the furniture will be dry again and ready to use.

Not only is the furniture water repellent but also stain resistant. This means should the kids spill ketchup, chocolate or ice cream, or you happen to waste a drop of wine you can clean it right off without any stains or damage to the fabric, making your luxury garden furniture look last much longer.

Gas Fire Pit

2. A Gas Fire Pit

What’s the use in luxury if you can’t use it? We know the temperamental British weather can leave us chilly, so why not extend the use of your garden by adding a gas fire pit. These stunning accessories not only look the part but keep you warm and cosy, too.

We recommend a gas fire pit rather than a log or coal burner because it does not produce any horrid black smoke which can totally ruin the luxury look and have your guests coughing and spluttering instead of relaxing and taking in their surroundings.

3. A Water Feature

Nothing is more calming than the peaceful sound of running water and something about a water feature screams luxury. Whether you opt for something large to have as a focal point of the garden or something small that can sit discreetly out of direct view, a water feature will offer peace and serenity.

4. A Cantilever Parasol

Cantilever Parasol

Though many people might be questioning our thought process here, we believe that a garden full of tomato coloured, sunburnt guests is not very “posh” at all. Not only will a cantilever parasol keep your guests safe from harmful UV rays but if you choose the right cantilever and match it perfectly with your furniture it will blend right in and keep the luxury feel going.

Cantilever parasols are ideal because they can be used over sofas, sun loungers, and dining sets, so no matter the occasion you can create some cooling shade.

5. A Rattan Daybed

Rattan Daybed

If you have the space, then a large rattan daybed is perfect for adding a touch of class to your garden. Looking much more impressive than a standard sun lounger, a daybed offers plenty of space to relax and bask in the sun’s rays.

A rattan daybed is fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year round, which is ideal as most daybeds are far too large to bring in and out or to store away.

If you’re looking for luxury garden furniture, then we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to view and test the furniture for yourself. You will also be able to get advice and recommendations from our customer service advisors, in store or over the phone.