A Christmas Tree – But Not.

IIf you’ve not got space for a traditional Christmas tree, or you’re worried about the cat climbing up it, you’ve got young children or you simply want something unique, we have so many alternatives to make your Christmas special.

The Christmas of 2020 is likely already going to be very different to that of Christmases past, so why not go completely different and have something other than a traditional tree? Forget about all the faff of decorating and get yourself something that’s up in seconds and looks just as Christmassy. Or ease your worry surrounding the pets getting in, up or on top of the tree this year with something that is carefully out of harm’s way. Whatever you’re looking for to make your Christmas different and special, we have it.

Starburst Tree

Starburst LED Wall Tree

Our brilliant collection of starburst trees from our novelty lighting selection are the perfect alternative to a classic Christmas tree, if you ae looking for something that doesn’t take up any floor space and can be kept out of reach from tiny hands or paws.

These stunning decorations attach to any wall, indoors or out and come in 4 different colours and a range of sizes – all the way up to 5ft. They are sparkly and magical and incredibly festive and are shaped exactly like a Christmas tree, even offering “tree branches” in the shape of clusters of lights that you separate and place how you wish, just like you would “fluff” a Christmas tree.

Soft Acrylic Christmas Tree

If you truly wanted to, you could even hang light baubles from these light clusters to really give off the effect of a true Christmas tree.

Soft Acrylic Christmas Tree

If you simply don’t have much space but you still want something festive that reminds you of a Christmas tree, our soft acrylic Christmas trees are perfect for this. Barely taking up any space at all, these delicate looking trees can be tucked into any small corner to brighten up the room and give it a festive feel.

The LED lights are long-lasting and come in different colours, plus the mains operated design offers plenty of room to reach the nearest plug socket.

Pop-Up LED Tree

Pop-Up LED Tree

Designed for outdoor use, thse pop-up LED trees are perfect for if you don’t have much indoor space but would like to see a Christmas tree when you look out of the window, or for if you already have a classic Christmas tree indoors but would love an outdoor version too.

Available in a range of sizes from just over 4ft to a whopping a 19ft, these trees are also wonderful for golf courses, car parks and other business locations.

Fairybell LED Trees

Fairybell LED Tree

Our range of Fairybell LED trees are similar to our standard range of pop-up LED trees except that they go even taller! Up to 12m tall, these sparkling outdoor trees even offer options to connect to doors, walls, or simply be attached to the ground, to offer a wonderful Christmas tree alternative.

These trees can take a little bit of time to erect but the end look is so worth it, plus unlike a real tree, you can use this tree over and over again – you could even leave it up in the garden all yar round.

All of these wonderful Christmas tree alternatives are perfect instead of or in addition to a classic Christmas tree.

If you need help choosing an artificial tree or a Christmas tree alternative, speak to one of our happy Christmas elves in the customer services department.