All WeatherAluminium Garden Furniture

TThere are plenty of aluminium options available on the market, however, not all of these are completely weatherproof and protected from the elements. If you’re looking for all weather aluminium garden furniture you should browse our range of cast aluminium garden furniture.

Cast aluminium furniture is completely weatherproof, especially when compared to other metals. Cast aluminium doesn’t rust in damp conditions unlike iron garden furniture, plus, cast aluminium is lightweight, yet sturdy and durable. Additionally, cast aluminium does not retain heat like other metals, meaning you can enjoy your furniture even on the hottest summer days.

Cast Aluminium Furniture

Cast aluminium is easy to shape and therefore can be shaped into several intricate designs as well as many different shapes, such as benches, dining sets, corner sofa sets and sun loungers. Plus, this furniture is easy to clean and only requires a quick wash with warm soapy water to rid the furniture of dirt, droppings or leaves.

Our cast aluminium furniture is all powder coated, which creates a protective finish ensuring the furniture is a higher-quality and more durable compared to non-powder coated furniture. Not only can powder coated aluminium be used to create weatherproof aluminium garden furniture but it is also used as a framework for other furniture types such as rattan garden furniture. This is because this ensures the furniture is rustproof and protected from damp weather conditions.

Cast aluminium is lightweight and easy to move, however, it is not as lightweight as hollow or extruded aluminium which can be dented and damaged when blown around by the wind, meaning it is not fully protected from all the elements. Cast aluminium furniture can often last a lifetime whereas extruded aluminium is less likely to survive as long.

Powder Coated Aluminium Frames - Rattan Furniture

Cast aluminium looks great in traditional garden spaces thanks to the unique shapes and patterns that can be created that are often associated with traditional garden furniture. However, that is not to say there are not modern options available. Our range of Jamie Oliver cast aluminium furniture from Hartman are completely modern designs that integrate firepits, grills, and ice buckets for furniture that offers something for every occasion.

All of our cast aluminium furniture from the Hartman collection also comes with ‘weather-ready’ cushions which are also completely weatherproof, as well as the cast aluminium framework. These cushions are not only UV protected so that they will never fade but they are also completely waterproof. Unlike other garden furniture cushions, this weather-ready material can be left outside all year round, even in wet weather. If it rains, water will run straight through the cushion and out the other side, keeping them fry. This means that the whole furniture set can be left outside without needing to be stored away in bad weather.

If you’re interested in our range of all-weather cast aluminium furniture, then we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to test the comfort and quality of the furniture for yourself. Additionally, you can talk to one of our knowledgeable sale advisors in store or over the phone to get more information on this collection.