Be Inspired by Your Garden

Be Inspired by Your Garden

We recently saw a claim that garden furniture isn’t inspiring and that it is either horribly garish or classically boring. We feel this is an incredibly bold statement and one that isn’t at all true. Here, we have revealed the garden furniture collections we believe can make your garden an enjoyable and inspiring place to be.

Fire Pit Tables

A relatively new concept, the fire pit dining table. Not only does this furniture offer space to dine al fresco and enjoy the British summer, but it also offers a warming fire pit which allows you to extend your use of your garden even into the cool spring and autumn months.

Fire Pit Dining

The fire pit creates a great focus point to the garden and allows you to spend longer with friends and family, what could be more inspiring and unique?

Rising Tables

People use their gardens for a range of different occasions. Whether you’re relaxing or dining outdoors, a rising table offers the ability to do both, without having to pile your garden up with “boring” furniture.

Rising Tables

A rising table can be swapped from a coffee table to a casual dining table in a few simple motions, allowing you to enjoy your garden on many more occasions.

A Bar Set

Bar sets are a unique garden furniture piece that are certainly not boring or uninspiring. The tall table and stools make it feel like you’re on holiday in your own back garden and are great for socialising and connecting with friends.

Bar Sets

Bar sets often come with the choice of a plain glass top, ice bucket or fire pit, which gives you plenty of choice for your garden.


If you have the space, a daybed is more interesting than a standard sun lounger set and also offers more room to relax and more versatility. Relax with friends or family, not just by yourself, in complete comfort.


Fire Pits & Fire Bowls

Whether you want the additional heat and light from a fire pit, or you want to toast marshmallows in the back garden a fire pit or a fire bowl make a great addition to any garden space. There’s nothing quite like the sound of a fire crackling to spark conversation and extend the use of your outdoor space.

Fire pits & Fire Bowls

We believe that if you’re looking in the right places, garden furniture can be very interesting and make your garden look stylish, inspiring and a place that you want to spend lots of time in. Materials like rattan and aluminium are chic and inviting, whereas older more classic materials like plastic or wood can be drab and dull. These more modern materials also offer new developments such as the fire pit and rising tables which create a more inspiring look for your garden.

If you need help in your search for inspiring garden furniture, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can try and test the furniture for yourself and choose the piece you feel most inspired by.