Choosing Your First Ever Artificial Christmas Tree

IIf 2020 is the first year you are opting for an artificial Christmas tree as opposed to a real tree and you’re not sure where to start then do not worry, the guide below will help you choose the perfect artificial tree that you will love for years to come.

Why Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

Choosing an artificial tree as opposed to a real one has many benefits. The first being that you can get your Christmas decorations up earlier than ever and still have a full and healthy-looking Christmas tree by Christmas day as opposed to a dead, needleless, very bare looking tree.

Secondly, there is far less mess associated with an artificial tree. You won’t spend half an hour every day hoovering up the dropped needles. Nor will you have to spend time watering the tree. Plus, you have so much more to choose from – from slim options to flocked, frosted and pre-lit styling you can have whatever your heart desires, whereas with a real tree, it’s plain green or nothing.

Choosing an artificial tree also means you don’t have to choose a new tree every year, you can have faith that you will enjoy your tree for years to come and never panic that all the good ones have been taken and you’ve been left with the scrawny, brownish looking one.

How to Choose an Artificial Christmas Tree?

There are some things you need to consider before choosing your first ever artificial tree:

1. Plan where the tree is going – you need to measure your space, not only from floor to ceiling (leaving space for the star of course) but also the width of your space as artificial tree widths can vary dramatically. This will tell you whether you can fit a wide tree or you need to opt for a slimmer style.

2. What style do you prefer – do some research on the different types of tree available, do you prefer a traditional teardrop shape, a bushy tree, a natural looking tree or something totally unique.

3. Decide your budget – artificial trees can vary somewhat in price and this all depends on certain factors – what the tree is made from, how many branch tips the tree has, the size of the tree, whether the tree has anything special about it such as lights, or flocking. The most expensive trees will be made from both PVC and PE branches – PVC branches are the cheaper branch and PE branches are the realistic branches that have been moulded from real branches. The higher percentage of PE branches, the more realistic and the more expensive the tree.

4. Choose your finish – decide whether you want a green tree, a frosted tree or a flocked tree. Then decide whether you want a pre-lit tree or you would rather attach lights yourself.

Our Top Tips

We have some top tips to follow that will make choosing your artificial tree for the first time much easier:

1. Opt for a tree that is taller than you – a 6ft or a 7ft tree is usually the perfect size. Ensuring the tree is taller than you means that you won’t ever feel underwhelmed with it’s appearance.

2. More branch tips means more decorations – the more branch tips you go for the more decorations you need to fill your tree with so consider how many decorations you have or plan on buying before you choose your branch tips.

3. Got pets? Don’t go for flocked trees – the material that the flocked snow is made with can be harmful to animals so we recommend that if you have pets you should stick with a green tree – they look just as nice and you’ll feel secure in the knowledge that your pet is safe.

4. Consider your theme – what tree will fit in with your theme, not just for this year but for years to come? Consider your decoration colours before you choose a tree. Silvers and blues look best with a snowy or frosted tree, whereas traditional reds and golds work better with a green tree.

Following these handy tips will help you to choose the most perfect artificial Christmas tree for years to come. However, if you still need some help, you can contact our happy Christmas elves for a recommendation.