Christmas Has Come Early!

TThere has not been much to look forward to in 2020 but Christmas is the one thing keeping everybody going. So, it’s no surprise that people are putting their Christmas decorations up earlier than ever before. Here, we look at what you need to get Christmas started early and ensure your decorations last until the big day.

Artificial Christmas Trees

If you want to start your Christmas decorating in November rather than December, then the only way to ensure your tree lasts all the way through until the big day is to purchase an artificial Christmas tree as opposed to a real tree. Not only are real trees very hard to come by this early in the festive season, but should you manage to get hold of one, it will be dead and bare by the time Christmas arrives. Whereas an artificial Christmas tree will not only last you all the way through this Christmas but also several Christmases to come.

We have a huge selection of artificial trees on offer, including pre-lit trees which take all of the hassle out of decorating, fibre optic trees which are fun and exciting, and flocked snowy trees that feel as though you’re in a winter wonderland.

Christmas Lights

The next thing you need to start your Christmas decorating is Christmas lights. For the most magical Christmas we recommend decorating both the inside and the outside of your house with lights this year. The indoor lights are for you to enjoy and the outdoor lights are to cheer up your neighbours and all of those key workers still heading to and from work each day.

We recommend our range of snowing icicle lights for your outdoor space. These unique lights look like actual snow falling and make for a very Christmassy feeling. For indoors you can decorate any space with our brilliant cluster lights. These full lights make your hallway, bedroom, living room or even the loo a more festive place to be. For your Christmas tree, we always recommend our compact cluster lights for a mega bright look.

Christmas Figures

No Christmas display is complete without a Christmas figure or two and we have so many styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a reindeer, a Santa, a snowman, a penguin or even a polar bear, we have figures made from weatherproof rattan, spun acrylic and weatherproof concrete, so that all of your figures can be used either indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

The favourite Christmas figure this year is the beloved Christmas Nutcracker. Available from miniature 1ft versions that are perfect for the mantlepiece, all the way up to giant 10ft versions that are ideal for shopping centres, we have Nutcrackers in every colour, size and style imaginable. These lovely characters will add that extra oomph to your display. Plus, if you can’t find the colour you want, all of these nutcrackers can be hand painted in order to perfectly match your colour scheme.

Packing Away

Sadly, Christmas will have to come to an end this year and with so many people decorating early we’re sure there will also be people utterly sick of Christmas by the end of December! So, make sure you have somewhere to safely store away your Christmas bits until next year. Our brilliant range of Christmas tree storage bags and bauble storage chests are the ultimate storage solution to ensure that your trees and decorations remain safe, clean and in-tact until next Christmas.

If you need help choosing your Christmas tree, decorations and more, we recommend speaking to our happy Christmas Elves in the customer services department.