Create the Perfect Christmas Tree

Create the Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s just not Christmas until the tree is up and decorated. One of our favourite Christmas traditions is decorating the tree and whether you’re an ornament perfectionist or you let the kids throw tinsel all over the place, everyone has a perfect tree in mind. Discover how to create your perfect tree with our top tips.

Whichever type of Christmas tree you have, real or artificial, small or large, bushy or slim, you want your tree to look spectacular this Christmas, no matter if it’s for personal pride, to show off to family and friends or to put on Instagram. But decorating can be chaotic and difficult to get just right. For many of us, we have accumulated several decorations over the years that don’t quite match or for people starting their first tree they don’t know where to start.

Christmas Lights

Below are our favourite Christmas themes of 2019, we have revealed the ways to make these themes come to life. So, simply pick a theme and get decorating, it couldn’t be easier!

Waiting for Santa

This theme is perfect for families with young children. It’s all about bright Christmassy colours and all the fun things about Christmas. The colours you need to look for are bright reds, whites and fun multi-coloured lights.

Go as childish as you want with this theme, decorate the tree with candy canes, sweet shaped baubles and make sure you stick to those red and white colours, multicoloured or cool white cluster lights will help complete the look.

Christmas Tree Decorations

If you want to spread your theme outdoors or to other areas of the house go for candy canes path lights, snowmen and Santa figures, friendly nutcrackers and other whimsical characters to set that Waiting for Santa mood.

Dream Away

This theme is perfect for young girls or people who are crazy about all things pink. This delicate and feminine theme can be as subtle or as glitzy as you choose. The colours you want to stick to are multiple shades of pink, white, gold and silver.

We love a snowy artificial tree for this look and this tree should be decorated with cool white lights, soft pink and fluffy baubles, put a fairy on the top of the tree and add some majestic creature baubles like unicorns and swans to complete the tree.

Christmas Reindeer

To spread this theme to the rest of the house, we recommend cool white blossom trees, and rattan hearts.

Loved by Nature

The Loved by Nature theme is perfect for animal lovers and works particularly well in country homes and cottages. To achieve this theme, you are looking for earthy colours like dark greens, browns and burgundies, then complement with some gold, white and faux fur.

For this look, we recommend a big bushy Christmas tree that is decorated with warm white LEDs, pinecones, and earthy baubles, as well as some bird-shaped decorations – robins, are very Christmassy!

For other areas of your house, decorate with rattan reindeer, LED birch trees and figures with pinecones and warm white LEDs.

Christmas Snowmen

Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland theme is your snowy, icy, wintery theme. For this, you will need blues, whites, silvers and glitter.

A frosted tree works perfectly for this look and should be wrapped in cool white string lights. Decorate with blue, silver, white and glittery baubles as well as snowflakes, icicle, polar bear and seal ornaments to embrace all things wintery.

For outside your house, we recommend snowing icicle lights, snowmen figures and polar bear figures to bring the theme to life.

Christmas Nutcrackers

Rustic Christmas

This theme is perfect for homes and businesses alike and brings a Scandi style approach to Christmas decorating. For this theme, we recommend metallic colours, dark blues, light blues, golds and silvers.

Warm white or cool white lights work for this theme and the metallic coloured baubles should be complemented with an array of hearts and star-shaped decorations.

Complement your tree with gold or silver nutcrackers, guarding your fireplace and some brilliant rattan hearts and stars on the walls.

Christmas Time

Christmas Rudolph

The ultimate Christmas theme, Christmas time combines everything we love most about Christmas. The perfect colours for this theme are dark reds, greens and golds – very traditional Christmas colours.

Bushy green trees are ideal for this theme and should be decorated with warm white lights, traditional red, gold and green baubles and finished with red poinsettias, robins, bells and berries.

To bring this theme together, decorate other areas of your home with rattan Rudolph figures and birch trees.

If you’re looking for decorations to complement these themes our Surrey showroom will have plenty of Christmas decorations, trees and figures on display from October 1st.