Debenhams Garden Furniture vs.White Stores Garden Furniture

CCan a department store rival a garden furniture specialist on garden furniture? We’ve pitted retail giants Debenhams against ourselves to find out if there’s any difference to the shopping experience and furniture quality.

Debenhams is a multinational retailer that operates under a department store format. The retail giants have 178 locations across the UK, Ireland and Denmark, compared to White Stores’ 6 stores located across the UK. However, only the largest stores will display garden furniture, and none will stock it, making it pretty much an online exclusive for many. Whereas, if you visit one of White Stores’ showrooms you will be able to see and test the furniture for yourself.

White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Debenhams Garden Furniture

As Debenhams is not displaying the furniture in all of its stores, their staff and customer service team will know very little about the products, other than the information it gives you in the product description online and therefore if you need help choosing between sets they may not be the best people to ask, which may mean your choice comes down to price and therefore you may lose out on quality. At White Stores, we have a team of knowledgeable sales assistants and customer service advisors, ready to give you advice in person or over the phone, allowing you to make the best decision and feel confident in your purchase.

When comparing similar items on price, Debenhams is much more expensive than White Stores, on every comparison. However, unlike other stores we have measured ourselves against previously like ASDA and eBay, you can be sure that you are getting top quality furniture when purchasing from Debenhams. The firm only stocks furniture from well-known wholesalers in the UK like Maze Rattan and most of the furniture arrives already assembled, making it strong and durable. But Debenhams does only offer a 1-year warranty on this furniture versus White Stores’ 5-year warranty.

Debenhams website is easy to navigate and allows the user to filter their search with ease, very similar to White Stores’ website. However, the range is much smaller with currently only 37 garden furniture sets available on their website compared to over 500 on White Stores. This means there is much more to choose from and many more styles available from White Stores.

White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Debenhams Garden Furniture

To conclude, Debenhams is equal to White Stores on product quality, though White Stores does offer the better warranty, the two are also equal on website friendliness. Whilst Debenhams has dramatically more stores nationwide than White Stores, these stores are not dedicated to garden furniture and you may not be able to find what you are looking for. Additionally, White Stores beats Debenhams on price as well as product knowledge and advice.