Decorate the Garden Using Brown Furniture

FFor a long time brown garden furniture, in particular brown rattan garden furniture, was one of the most popular choices for gardens. However, in recent years other colours have taken over, in this post we look at how brown rattan garden furniture is still a stunning option for any garden.

Brown rattan is a great option for any garden, traditional or modern, thanks to the many different shades of brown that are available. Plus, with many different styles available in these shades you can continue to add to your garden furniture for years to come.

Brown Rattan Dining Sets

Brown Rattan Dining Sets

Dining sets are still one of the most popular forms of garden furniture as they allow you to dine al fresco with friends and family. Choosing a brown rattan dining set you will find there is a lot to choose from in many shapes and sizes. These brown dining sets complement many other colours of the garden from the green grass, to the wooden decking, to the grey concrete patio, to the red brick on the outside of your house, allowing your dining set to seamlessly blend with your garden.

Brown Casual Dining Sets

Brown Rattan Casual Dining Sets

Casual dining sets have become increasingly popular as they give users the ability to dine al fresco as well as relax outdoors. These sets look great in brown as brown sets typically come with beige cushions and these beige cushions look inviting and comfortable, particularly on casual dining sets when there are more cushions than a standard dining set.

Brown Rattan Sun Loungers

Brown Rattan Sun Loungers

Sun loungers are another popular garden furniture item. Many people opt for dark plastic or metal sun loungers, but we believe a brown rattan sun lounger with beige padded cushion is much more stylish and practical. This is because metal and plastic sun loungers can heat up and become incredibly uncomfortable to sit on, whereas thanks to the padded cushions on rattan loungers you will be comfortable even as the weather gets hotter. Plus, rattan is much more stylish than standard plastic or metal loungers.

Brown Rattan Accessories

Brown Storage Box

You can complement your brown rattan garden furniture with a range of brown rattan accessories. This includes rattan lazy susans which are the perfect accessory for your rattan dining set as they allow you and your guests to pass food and condiments to each other with ease and without spills or mess.

You can also add a brown electric rattan patio heater to your dining, casual dining or coffee table to allow you to keep warmer for longer and spend more time in your garden where you can.

Another great brown accessory is the rattan storage box. This storage box will match your furniture and is a great solution for storing your garden furniture cushions and other garden items when not in use.

With so many brown garden furniture options available you can create a stylish set up that you can add to for years to come that complements all other areas of your garden.