DIY Garden Furniture vs. Shop Bought Garden Furniture

DIY Garden Furniture vs. Shop Bought Garden Furniture

There are some brilliantly creative DIY garden furniture ideas which are aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable, but how do they fair up against the shop bought stuff? Here we’ve looked at the most popular DIY garden furniture ideas versus their shop bought counter parts.

Pallet Corner Sofa vs Rattan Corner Sofa

The DIY garden favourite, a corner sofa made from pallets. You can paint it any colour you like and dress it up with fancy cushions making it look cosy and unique to your taste and your space. However, you do have to order something with enough pallets to create your set first or find someone selling pallets on their own.

The rattan corner sofa set is infinitely more weatherproof and more permanent than a DIY pallet corner sofa. Wooden pallets aren’t particularly weatherproof and will need to be either stored indoors, meaning they cannot be permanent fixtures of your garden, or regularly replaced. A rattan corner sofa set made with aluminium frames is fully weatherproof against rain, sun, snow and frost and can be left outside all year round.

Rattan Corner Sofa Sets

Tyre Footstools vs Rattan Footstools

Painted tyre footstools are another popular DIY garden piece. Painting tyres and topping them with a cushion turns them into a handy footstool that can accompany a coffee table to make a great space for a picnic. This is a great way to upcycle your old tyres and being able to paint them whatever colour you like makes them unique to your garden.

A rattan footstool may be limited on colour; however, it is much lighter than a tyre and can therefore be moved around with ease, meaning your garden furniture isn’t limited to one space. Plus, some rattan footstools are probably much cheaper than a full new set of tyres!

Rattan Garden Furniture

Pallet Cocktail Bar vs Rattan Bar Set

Pallets come in handy to build almost anything and a cocktail bar is one of our favourite DIY garden furniture solutions. However, it does require you to be very handy with a toolbox and some extra materials for the bar top. But you can paint it whatever colour you choose and finish it how you see fit. Although, if you want somewhere to sit whilst you enjoy your cocktail you will have to buy/make chairs separately.

A rattan bar set will come with bar stools included so you will always have somewhere to sit whilst you drink. Plus, you will have options of a glass top, ice bucket and a fire pit set which is something you won’t be able to create with a DIY set.

Rattan Bar Sets

Tree Stump Armchair vs Rattan Armchair

If you’ve got a pesky great tree in your garden, then instead of getting rid of it completely you could turn it into a cosy armchair. This unique armchair will have a little bit of history and nature will keep it looking beautiful.

A rattan armchair is wonderfully comfortable, and you may get more use out of it because of the weatherproof nature of rattan. If it rains, the rattan will dry out almost as soon as it stops raining, however, your tree stump armchair might remain soggy for a few days.

Rattan Lounge Sets

When comparing DIY versus shop bought it is always important to consider what you are trying to get out of your garden furniture. If you’re looking for a project to keep you busy and something unique for your garden, then a DIY project may be the way forward for you. However, if you want something that arrives pre-built, can be used straight away and is a more permanent garden fixture, we recommend shop bought.

If you would like help choosing your garden furniture, then we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can test the furniture for yourself and get advice from our team of experienced sales advisors.