eBay Garden Furniture vs.White Stores Garden Furniture

MMeasuring our own garden furniture against that of others helps to keep White Stores competitive and innovative as well as ensuring we offer the best customer experience. In this post, we have measured ourselves against marketplace, and bargain giants eBay.

eBay Filters

eBay is a great marketplace with thousands of sellers offering bargains on anything and everything, this means that shopping for garden furniture on eBay will almost certainly guarantee you a bargain. However, these bargains are often because it is are second-hand or pre-owned furniture on offer.

Whilst many may have taken care of their furniture well, it is tricky to really know the quality of the furniture you will be receiving from an individual seller. But, if you do your shopping well on eBay you will find that there are businesses who sell their furniture through eBay too, meaning you will be able to find some top-quality furniture still in the original packaging. As White Stores, we sell through eBay ourselves and know that all of our furniture sold through eBay is sent out in the same way it would be if ordered through our website. However, with the individual sellers you may have to pick up the garden furniture yourself, meaning you will need to hunt for local sellers.

White Stores Showroom

We believe that shopping on White Stores has been made incredibly easy and you can view furniture of the same collections with ease, allowing you to easily find matching items to dress your whole garden. On eBay, shopping for similar looking items can be tricky and you really have to already know what you’re searching for to be able to do this. However, eBay does have an easy to use filter at the side of the screen which allows you to narrow down your search to more specific results. For example, you can filter by material, number of seats, colour, type and even condition of furniture. White Stores also has similar filters, making the shopping experience incredibly easy.

Another difference between shopping on White Stores or on eBay is the fact that the brand name is made clear on White Stores, allowing you to be sure you are receiving top quality furniture from a top UK manufacturer. Whereas, eBay focuses more on what the furniture is rather than the brand it comes from, meaning you could end up buying un-branded furniture.

White Stores on eBay

One of the main differences in customer experience between White Stores and eBay is that White Stores has plenty of showrooms located around the country, meaning that consumers can view, test and measure the furniture in person, before purchasing. While some eBay sellers may be accommodating in allowing people to view the furniture before purchasing, it is often unlikely and with so many sellers on the site it can be difficult to know whether pictures are genuine or stolen from other sellers to help the furniture sell.

Having a dedicated customer service team, White Stores is able to offer a high level of customer service to consumers, helping to repair or replace faulty items, deal with shipping queries and much more, when placing an order on eBay, this may not be possible. Typically, it will be the seller’s responsibility to deal with any problems, with eBay themselves not often handling queries. This can offer up problems if your items arrive faulty or not as described.

To sum up, if you’re looking for a bargain and do not mind used furniture then eBay is a great place to buy from. However, if you want to ensure you receive top quality furniture, that is well-packaged, delivered to you, comes with extensive warranties and has customer service on hand to help, we recommend ordering from White Stores. If you prefer shopping on eBay but still wish to purchase White Stores’ furniture, we are a seller on eBay, and you will be able to find our furniture on the site, here.