Why Does Garden Furniture Cost the Same or More than Indoor Furniture?

Why Does Garden Furniture Cost the Same or More than Indoor Furniture?

Top quality garden furniture can sometimes be costly, and many people tend to compare this to what they paid for their indoor furniture. However, there is often a lot more than meets the eye with garden furniture and many reasons why you might pay more for your outdoor lounge set than your indoor one.

The Purpose

The purpose of your garden furniture is very different to that of your indoor furniture. Indoor furniture has no need to be weatherproof, whereas that needs to be the sole purpose of garden furniture. However, some cheaper furniture types are not fully weatherproof and therefore will not last in an outdoor setting.

Quality Rattan Garden Furniture

Top quality furniture will be made from weatherproof materials such as weatherproof outdoor fabric, top quality HDPE rattan and welded aluminium framework.

The Material

As aforementioned the materials have an affect on the cost of the item. Top quality HDPE resin wicker, weather resistant fabrics, strong metals and tough woods, all contribute to price. Additionally, the welded aluminium frames may be more expensive than bolted steel frames, but they are incredibly long lasting in comparison. These higher quality furniture types should last upwards of 5 years, however cheaper, lesser quality items will often need replacing after 1-2 years.

All Hand Made

All of our rattan garden furniture is hand made and hand woven. We estimate that one lounge set would take around a week’s worth of weaving. The hand made process includes the welded frame, the cushions and the weaving and means that each item is made with extreme love and care. It also means that the majority of our items are delivered to you fully assembled or with minimal assembly required.

Weatherproof Fabric Garden Furniture

Comparing Fabrics

The fabric used on our outdoor cushions is designed to be weather resistant and fade resistant. If you put an indoor cushion outside it would never recover. The same goes for our outdoor fabric lounge sets. These lounge sets are made using Sunbrella fabric, which is specially formulated to be weather resistant, water repellent, stain resistant, quick drying and fade resistant, allowing you to use it outdoors without any worries about spills or downpours.

An indoor sofa set is likely to hold onto chocolate and ketchup stains and would also be in real trouble if left to get wet. Because of these difference in purpose and material, they can often work out to be more expensive but also last just as long/if not longer.

An Investment

We believe that your home shouldn’t stop at your back door and that your garden should be treated as you would treat your indoor space. This includes spending more to ensure a long lifespan and that the furniture remains fit for purpose as well as looking stylish for years to come. This is how you would treat your indoor space and it should be continued throughout your garden as the garden is a very important aspect of the home. Spending time outdoors is good for our mental and physical wellbeing and having an enjoyable space to do this will encourage more time spent outdoors, which is why we see top quality garden furniture as a great investment that will improve your time spent outdoors.

If you’re looking for top quality garden furniture and need help deciding on the best material for your garden, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can test the furniture in person.