Garden Furniture for Every Occasion

Garden Furniture for Every Occasion

With so much garden furniture on the market, there is bound to be something for every occasion. Here, we have recommended a garden furniture piece for each time of day or event, to help you decide what suits your needs the most.

Time for Breakfast

If you enjoy breakfast in the sunshine, or perhaps early morning is the only time your garden is covered in sunshine, then a place to enjoy it is key. We recommend a Rattan Cube Set as it offers plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy breakfast together. Not only is a cube set spacious enough for a large breakfast spread, but once you’re done you can fold everything away and create space in your garden for the rest of the day.

Rattan Cube Set

What About Elevenses?

If you enjoy a mid-morning cuppa and a biscuit or two, somewhere comfortable to sit is ideal. We recommend a Rattan Lounge Set. The lounge set often comes with a coffee table, ideal for a mug of tea and extremely comfortable chairs that you can relax into.

Rattan Lounge Set

It’s Lunchtime

If lunchtime for you is a family affair, then having plenty of dining space is necessary. A Rattan Dining Set is perfect for this. Available in all shapes and sizes to suit your garden you can get all the space you need. Plus, most of our rattan dining sets come with a parasol hole, allowing you to slot a protective parasol in and keep your family protected from those midday rays.

Rattan Dining Set

Afternoon Tea

If you want a late afternoon snack, we recommend a Rattan Bistro Set as the perfect garden furniture for this. The small bistro table offers space for cups and saucers, a pot of tea or coffee and plenty of snacks, and the rattan chairs with padded cushions are comfortable to sink into.

Rattan Bistro Set

Host a Dinner Party

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoy a barbecue with your family, having somewhere to dine in the evening is important. We recommend a Fire Pit Casual Dining Set for evening meals because of the unpredictable British weather. There is plenty of space to dine on these tables, plus if the weather turns you can enjoy the warmth of the glowing flames.

Fire Pit Casual Dining Set

An Evening Tipple

If you like a drink in the evening or to host an evening soiree, a Rattan Bar Set is ideal for these activities. Bar sets come with plenty of options including ice buckets to keep your drinks cool or a fire pit if you plan on it being a late one and you want to stay warm.

Rattan Bar Set

We hope that these recommendations help you choose your garden furniture, based on what you most use your garden for. If you still need help deciding, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see and test the furniture in person, as well as get knowledgeable advice from our customer service advisors.