Garden Furniture for Socially Distanced Garden Parties

WWith the lockdown restrictions easing and the news that we can see our loved ones again as long as it’s outside and still socially distanced, we’ve revealed the best styles of garden furniture which allow you to remain at a safe distance but still have all the fun of a garden party.

Cube Set

A Spacious Cube Set

The cube set has always been a firm garden furniture favourite, and in these times, it looks as though it was designed with social distancing in mind. Being able to fully tuck chairs under the table means that you can clearly designate what seats guests should sit in to abide by social distancing rules. Plus, the spacious table means there is plenty of room for food and drinks for you and your guests.

Additionally, when lockdown has been fully lifted and things have returned to normal, the cube set offers room for all of your friends and family to get together with plenty of seats as well as footstools that double up as extra seating.

Modular Corner Sofa Set

A Modular Corner Sofa

A corner sofa that is made up from modular pieces is the perfect furniture for a socially distanced garden party. This is because you can easily move the pieces to create a new layout that allows for you and your guests to follow the social distancing rules.

Modular corner sofas mean you can rearrange the pieces to create a unique shape for your corner sofa that suits your garden or separate the pieces entirely to create two or three separate seating areas.

Extending Casual Dining Sets

Extending Casual Dining Set

Not only perfect for people with large families and groups of friends, the extending casual dining set is also ideal for social distancing. This is because the extra pieces that pull out of the furniture can create an entirely new seating area with separate table space as well. This means you can ensure your guests are the correct distance apart, whilst also making them feel like they are involved in the party and not completely separated.

Once your guests have gone, you can tuck the pieces away again and go back to your normal seating area that is the perfect size for your household.

The Rectangular Dining Table

Rectangular Dining Set

A rectangular dining table offers plenty of space to be able to socially distance from guests but still be close enough to enjoy their company and enjoy some party food together. Being able to space out your guests but still have everyone able to reach the food and drink is great for these strange times.

Plus, having so much space available around the table means that when things do return to normal you can invite even more family and friends over.

If you’re currently looking for new garden furniture, our garden furniture showrooms are all open with social distancing measures in place. We have a one-way system in place throughout our showrooms as well as antibacterial stations where you can disinfect your hands. Plus, our team are always on hand to offer advice and information about the furniture.

If you’re self-isolating and can’t make it out to one of our showrooms, let us know and we will set up a virtual tour of the showroom for you so that you don’t miss out.