How to Create a Garden Suitable for Daytime and Evening

How to Create a Garden Suitable for Daytime and Evening

Time spent in the garden is often limited by weather and free time, so in order to make the most of your garden it is important that it is suitable for both daytime and evening use. Here, we have revealed the perfect ways to do this.

A Fire Pit Dining Area

We think that the best way to allow you to use your garden space in the daytime and the evening is a fire pit dining table. These tables are fully functional as a dining table, allowing you plenty of space to eat in the daytime, but as the evening draws in, the weather gets cooler and you start losing light, you can turn on the fire pit and enjoy the warming flames and ensure your area is well-lit.

Fire Pit Dining Sets

A Fire Pit Coffee Table

Sticking with the same theme, a fire pit coffee table can be used to rest glasses or keep drinks and snacks but at night can become a source of heat and light. These fire pit coffee tables are great to use with sofa sets and corner sofas if you don’t have space for a dining table.

Fire Pit Coffee Tables

An Outdoor Heater

If you have young children or pets and you’re worried about a fire pit table, the next best alternative is an outdoor heater. Our outdoor heaters act as a heat source and a light source, allowing you to stay outdoors as the evening draws in. Plus, if you have rattan furniture and opt for a rattan heater, the heater will blend in with your furniture in the daytime and not look out of place.

Outdoor Heater

Adding Colour

You want your area to be colourful and bright, whether this be done with plants, lighting or colourful scatter cushions for your furniture, this will make your area look warm and inviting both during the day and at night. The brighter the colours, the more you will be able to see them at night as well as in the day.

Colourful Scatter Cushions

Lighting is Key

Outdoor lighting is the perfect solution for being able to spend time outdoors in the evening. However, many people try and hide their outdoor lights so that they are not seen during the day, we think the best thing to do is make them a part of your daytime aesthetic too. Look for unique lighting, in the shape of mason jars or simply use lots of string lighting going overheard to create a unique look. This way, your lights will not look out of place and will look like a great accessory during the day as well as at night.

Outdoor Lighting

Food is Important

Many of us spend time in our gardens with friends and family, during the summer evenings, after work or at the weekends. This is often around dinner time and what is more enjoyable in the summer than a barbecue? Adding a BBQ to your garden means that whether you’re having lunch outdoors with the family or a garden party with friends, you will be well-fed. Well-fed guests will stay longer, and you will ultimately spend more time in your garden because of this.


Whatever you need to be able to enjoy your garden in the evening and during the day, we can offer advice and the items you need online, over the phone and in our showrooms.