How Has Your Relationship with Your Garden ChangedSince the Pandemic?

DDuring the summer of 2020, the UK spent most of their time in lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This meant that Brits, who often like to spend a week or two at least abroad enjoying soaring temperatures were forced to take a “staycation” in their own back gardens. Here, we look at how this has changed people’s relationships with and how they use their gardens.

Using Outside Space For The First Time

For many Brits, this was the first time they had really used their outdoor space. Rather than the odd day outside with the kids, or the odd barbecue with friends and family, people were starting to use their patios and gardens on a more regular basis. Whether it be exercising outdoors whilst the gyms were closed, doings arts and crafts with the kids whilst schools were closed, sunbathing whilst you couldn’t flock to a sea front or jet off to another country or simply getting some fresh air, our gardens were suddenly seen as an extension of our homes, rather than a forgotten area.

This meant that people begun understanding their space as well as what would improve the garden and looking to garden furniture to make those improvements a reality.

How Garden Furniture’s Purpose Changed

Now, garden furniture wasn’t just a place to sit for a couple of hours in the sunshine, it was becoming an outdoor office setup, a place to meet outdoors – socially distanced of course – with loved ones that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet with, or a place to pretend we were on holiday and spend our vacation days in the sun.

This meant that a lot of garden furniture had turned into multi-purpose furniture and was seeing more use than ever before, which meant Brits were looking for strong and reliable garden furniture to see them through, not only the summer of 2020, but for years to come.

At White Stores, we experienced a huge demand for our weatherproof rattan garden furniture, particularly dining sets, sun loungers and casual dining sets as well as rattan firepit sets – which meant that people weren’t just planning for the summer but were planning to use their gardens for the long haul and across the winter, something we have not seen before.

Understanding Your Garden’s Importance

Now in 2021, Britain has just entered another lockdown. With it being winter it can be hard to see how our gardens will still play a vital role throughout this lockdown, but we believe they are more important than ever.

With people being less motivated to exercise outdoors due to the cold and damp weather conditions, getting at least some fresh air every day is vital – this is where your patio or garden comes in.

With a firepit table or an outdoor heater, you are able to spend some time outdoors, taking in the crisp surroundings and breathing in that all important fresh air, without finding it unbearably cold. Spending time outdoors has proven to improve our mental wellbeing – something which is vitally important to consider during this new winter lockdown.

Perhaps, with one of these additions to your outdoor space, you will be able to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet toasting marshmallows outside with the children after a hard day of home schooling and working from home. Or maybe, enjoy a glass of wine with a partner, huddled close around the warming firepit, as a new form of “date night”. These are all vital contributions to helping everyone get through this lockdown.

How to Improve Your Outdoor Space

If you want to turn your garden into a multi-purpose space and change your relationship with your garden to have a bigger involvement in your day-to-day life, we have some top tips for you:

Shelter from All Weathers

Especially during the winter, it is important to make sure your garden has shelter from the elements so that you aren’t caught short in a heavy downpour. For this we recommend one of our pergolas. The opening and closing louvres mean that you can allow sunshine in or protect your space from rain and other elements.

Additionally, if you are going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, this year we will be introducing new screens for our pergolas which can be projected onto, ideal for video calls or presentations – or a simple movie night with the family.

Keep it Warm

Make sure your garden is suitably heated with a firepit table or an outdoor heater. This will mean you can use your outdoor area all year round rather than for just a few weeks during the summer. It also adds a great ambience to the garden that helps you feel cosy and as if you are somewhere new and special, rather than just your own back garden.

Create More Space

Modular furniture is ideal for creating multiple areas or just creating an area that perfectly fits your space and doesn’t appear squished as you can arrange it in multiple ways to suit your garden space. Not only is this ideal for garden appearance but it is also perfect for meeting loved ones at a safe distance – when permitted to do so – as you can socially distance this furniture by moving the pieces around.

If you need help choosing your garden furniture we recommend speaking to one of our sales advisors over telephone or live chat, or booking a virtual tour of one of our showrooms.