How To Create a Practical Outdoor Office Environment

WWith the sunshine starting to make an appearance and the government confirming that people shouldn’t return to their office spaces until late June, it’s a great idea to set up an outdoor office so that you can enjoy the benefit of fresh air to keep you motivated.

An outdoor office is a brilliant idea to not only encourage more fresh air but to keep you motivated and ensure you can differentiate between work and your home. However, in Britain, the weather can often be temperamental at best and downright miserable at worst, so it is important to create a setup that is practical as well as stylish.

Choosing the Size

At White Stores, we believe the best way to do this is by creating an outdoor shelter that doesn’t close you off from the garden but offers plenty of weather protection. Below are the top products we believe will allow you to achieve this:

An Aluminium Pergola

The first stage of creating your outdoor office is the weatherproof shelter. With one of our aluminium pergolas, you will be able to create a setup that allows you to work from the garden but also offers the right amount of protection should the weather take a turn.

The opening and closing louvres are perfect for letting sunshine flood your space, which is sure to increase motivation on any long working day. But also, to close off to adverse weather conditions such as rain, to stop your laptop and important documents getting wet.

A Pull-Down Pergola Screen

To improve this set up further, adding pull-down pergola screens will also allow you to make your space practical in weather conditions like strong winds, or bright sunshine that is glaring off of the computer screen.

Adding these screens to your pergola will allow you to create a shaded space if the sun becomes too much and will also close you off to harsh winds to prevent important paperwork from blowing all around the garden.

Additionally, these screens will form a neutral background for zoom calls and online meetings.

A Place to Work

Once you’ve created a suitable shelter, you actually need somewhere that you can sit and work. We have plenty of great garden furniture options that suit outdoor working perfectly.

For example, our range of high back rattan dining chairs, such as the Sienna or Ruxley range offer great posture support for a long day of working to help reduce back ache and ensure you are sat comfortably all day long.

Our rattan casual dining collection also offers plenty of unique features that make working from the garden easy. For example, our range of extending casual dining tables allow you to add extra space to your outdoor office. How many times have you been at the kitchen table, frustrated because you don’t have space for your laptop, your paperwork and a place to take notes? With the extending range you can pull out a whole other table for plenty of extra space.

Additionally, the rising table collection means you can drop the table for informal meetings and zoom calls or have the table at its highest point for eye-level working.

Back to Garden

The great thing about all of these items is that they also improve your garden as a whole and make family time outdoors much more enjoyable. You’ll be able to spend longer and more frequent time outdoors thanks to the shelter of the pergola and the furniture will offer a comfortable place to relax and dine al fresco.

This means that investing in your garden as a place to enjoy working from home for the next few months will have a lasting impact on how you view and use your garden forevermore. You will have created a stylish space that allows you to be productive and creative as well as enjoying the comfort and relaxing nature that comes with being outdoors.

If you need help finding the right garden furniture for your home office, you can book a virtual showroom tour with our customer service team.