How To Stay Motivated When Working From Home

MMany people have been working from home for more than a year now and we now need a huge refresher in order to keep us motivated and increase productivity. Here, we have revealed the ways you can stay motivated when working remotely, with an outdoor office.

An Outdoor Office

Creating an outdoor office is ideal for keeping you motivated to work from home. If you’ve been stuck looking at the same four walls for over a year, then you desperately need something to bring back motivation and we believe an outdoor office can do just that for many reasons:

1. You have to get up and go somewhere – it might not be the commute that you’re used to, but it will be a longer walk than the kitchen table and you’ll get a bit of fresh air to rejuvenate you as you head to your outdoor space.

2. You have to get dressed – we’re all guilty of just working in our pyjamas, but if you’re working out in the garden, you’re more likely to actually get up and get dressed before heading outside so that you don’t get those nosey neighbours judging you for your worn out pjs.

3. It’s somewhere new – if you’ve spent the whole pandemic indoors, building an outdoor office gives you new scenery to enjoy and this can be extremely motivating.

4. Less distractions – you will find that when you’re not constantly distracted by the washing up, or the little jobs around the house that you can see need doing, your productivity will increase tenfold.

5. Purpose built – If you design your outdoor office with everything you need to work productively, it is a purpose-built space as opposed to your kitchen table which was never designed to be your full-time office area. You’ll find you have everything you need to work productively and increase motivation.

6. Fresh air – Getting all cosy indoors sounds ideal for working but it can actually make you sleepy and less motivated. It would be so much easier to curl up on the sofa under a blanket than it would to finish that task, right? The fresh air on your face outdoors is not only known to improve your mental and physical well-being but is likely to keep you perky and on the ball for the whole day.

7. No Zoombarrassement – Now that meetings are taking place via video call and your colleagues are seeing areas of your home that they never would have before, 40% of homeowners have admitted to zoombarrassment over the appearance of their homes. This can be very demotivating, and you can spend more time trying to angle the camera so that your colleagues can’t see your background than actually paying attention to the meeting. An outdoor office will provide a lovely back drop, leaving you free to concentrate on the meeting topic.

How to Build an Outdoor Office?

So how do you create an outdoor office space that is going to keep you motivated whilst working remotely?

A Pergola

A pergola or outbuilding will provide the shelter needed in order to be able to work from the garden no matter the weather. Plus, with our great privacy screens you can create a closed off office area that isn’t overlooked, adds extra protection from wind and creates shade when needed.

Somewhere to Sit

The most important aspect of an outdoor office is of course the place you’re going to sit all day. Our range of high-back dining chairs provide ample support and comfort, ideal for long days of work to keep your posture correct. Plus, the dining tables themselves offer plenty of space for your laptop, papers and any other equipment you need to get your job done.

Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting is key to working from home. Of course, if you’re working in the garden you will have plenty of natural light but what happens when the sun is setting and you’re still working? We recommend LED lighting strips to keep your garden well lit, or even one of our LED parasols to shine directly over your work area.

If you need advice on creating an outdoor office space we recommend booking a virtual tour of our showroom.