Is Wooden Garden Furniture Outdated?

Is Wooden Garden Furniture Outdated?

Wooden garden furniture has been a popular choice for homes and businesses alike for years, but is it becoming outdated? Find out how garden furniture is moving on and what you can do to keep your wood from looking old in this post.

Wooden garden furniture is still extremely popular thanks to its robust and long-lasting qualities. However, wood is also very difficult to maintain and can discolour and rot if not looked after properly. But, when looked after well, wooden furniture can last upwards of 10 years. If you have wooden furniture and you are trying to refresh your furniture, we recommend giving the furniture a once over with some wood stain or paint containing preservative to keep the colour fresh and ensure that is regularly cleaned.

Wood Garden Furniture

Whilst wooden garden furniture is still popular, other furniture types are taking over in popularity as they are not only equal to wood in durability but also require less maintenance and can combine new advancements in technology for more interesting furniture pieces.

Rattan garden furniture is extremely low maintenance and, depending on the quality of the furniture, can last just as long as wood, without the need to regularly care for or touch up the furniture. Additionally, unlike with wood, you won’t need to worry about where you keep your rattan garden furniture. It is advisable to keep wood in a dry area as damp can cause rotting, however top-quality rattan furniture can be left outside all year round, even in damp conditions, as it will not rust or rot.

Fire Pit Garden Furniture

Aluminium and cast aluminium garden furniture are also rising in popularity. Not only can these materials offer traditional styles, similar to wood, but they are also extremely versatile and can also be ideal for modern spaces. Additionally, these weatherproof materials also require less maintenance than wooden garden furniture.

Not only do rattan, aluminium and cast aluminium garden furniture sets require less maintenance but they can also harness the latest in garden furniture technology. An example of this is fire pit dining. Whilst wooden garden furniture cannot contain fire pits, for obvious reasons, these other materials are able to combine al fresco dining with keeping warm, allowing you to extend your dining experience, not only well into each evening but also into different parts of the year. This is great value for money as it allows you to enjoy your garden for longer than ever before.

Rattan Rising Tables

Another great example, particularly for rattan garden furniture is the development of the rising table. Rising tables have become extremely popular as they allow you to switch between a coffee table and full-height dining table. This is very useful as it means you do not have to buy multiple furniture sets in order to switch between a formal dining vibe and a relaxed, chill out mode. As wood is far heavier than rattan, it would be near impossible to develop a rising table that is easy to use.

Therefore, whilst wood furniture is still incredibly long-lasting, other furniture types are leaving it behind in terms of technology. If you’re looking for garden furniture and need recommendations on the best furniture to suit your needs, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms or speaking to one of our customer service advisors over the phone.