Last Minute Christmas Deals

Last Minute Christmas Deals

With just over a week to go before Christmas you can get your hands on some last-minute deals to add to your Christmas display.

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a great last-minute order, especially if you’re having people over for Christmas day. What better way to great your guests than a front door filled with Christmas joy, decorated with a Christmas wreath. Plus, artificial wreaths will last for years, so even if you don’t get maximum use out of it this year, you’ll have it ready for next year to use throughout the whole festive season.

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Rattan Polar Bears

Rattan Light Up Figures

Our rattan figures are perfect for a last-minute buy, especially our large rattan polar bears which are fully weatherproof and can be left outside, even though the closer to Christmas we get the worse the weather seems to be! These figures are great for creating a winter-wonderland vibe in your home or front garden.

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A Mini Tree

Mini Trees

A mini tree is a brilliant idea for a bit of Christmas eve fun. If you’ve got any left-over decorations, your children can decorate the mini tree as a Christmas Eve activity. Then, next year they will have a little mini tree for their room.

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Acrylic Figures

Acrylic Figures

Acrylic figures would make a wonderful gift for someone and as it gets closer to Christmas the better deals you will find. Whether you’re gifting the acrylic figure or just want to add to your display, acrylic figures are weatherproof and great for use year after year.

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LED Blossom Trees

Led Blossom Trees

Did you go for a real Christmas tree this year? Is it slowly dying and looking much barer than when you bought it? Well then distract from the sad looking Christmas tree with an LED blossom tree that will definitely make it until Christmas day and be good for use year after year.

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If you want to make the most of our last-minute Christmas deals, then make sure you order in time. For standard delivery you will need to order by Monday 16th to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas and if you choose next day you will need to order by Wednesday the 18th.