The On-Trend Garden Furniture Colours of Summer 2019

The On-Trend Garden Furniture Colours of Summer 2019

Deciding on a colour scheme for your garden can be tricky with so much to consider. From furniture, to fence panels, to flowers and shrubs, your colour scheme is important for the overall look of your garden.

Grey Rattan Furniture

Whether you prefer bright and noticeable or if you’d rather blend in with the natural colours of the garden there are so many variants it can be hard to know where to start. To help you make your decisions we have revealed the garden furniture colours that will be most prominent in 2019.


Grey garden furniture, particularly grey rattan has grown in popularity over the last 5 years and is now on-par, if not more popular, than traditional brown rattan. Grey is a very popular colour for indoor furniture as it opens up a world of accessory colours that all match. With so many of us wanting to open up our outdoor space to be a part of the home, the natural continuation of the grey from indoor to outdoor has seen a huge rise in grey garden furniture.

Grey garden furniture can be partnered with bright reds, pale blues/purples or pastel greens and everything in between. This is ideal for matching coloured scatter cushions with plants such as red roses, purple lavenders, or natural shrubs for a colour palette that continues throughout your whole garden.


Whilst an unusual colour, bronze looks traditional on cast aluminium furniture. The bronze colour will blend seamlessly with the natural earthy browns and greens of your garden and goes particularly well with beige accessories as well as stone water features and statues.

Bronze Cast Aluminium Furniture

This dark colour will work best in a naturally well-lit garden and flows best when the earthy palette continues throughout the garden. This means no bright colours. It’s best to keep everything as natural as possible to keep the furniture blended.

Blue Hues

Blue Accessories

Blue is proving to be a popular colour with accessories such as retro ice buckets, scatter cushions and the like. This is because there are few flowers that bloom in this colour and this blue can provide a stunning backdrop when paired with yellow or red flowers. For a more subtle blend, purple flowers will partner well with light blues.

Depending on how far you want to take this colour palette, painting your fence or shed in a pale blue can really bring a summery feel to your garden all year round.

When choosing your colour scheme, we recommend a trip to one of our showrooms. This will allow you to see the furniture partnered with different colour accessories to give you a clear vision as to what your garden could look like.