Predicted Garden FurnitureTrends for 2019

AAs the new year draws closer, we have looked at our predictions for the garden furniture industry in 2019. Pay close attention to our trends and get ahead of the game when it comes to popular styles this year.

Knowing what garden furniture to buy earlier in the year can help you save money, as you’ll be able to buy before the peak summer sales. However, sometimes buying early means you miss out on the big trends of the year. But, this year, we are revealing our predictions for the trendiest garden furniture products early, so that you can get the best deal and the best style. You might even look like the trendsetter amongst your friends and family.

Rattan Rising Tables

We have seen rising tables come into fashion in the garden furniture world this summer, however in 2019 we expect the rising table to be the most popular choice for casual dining sets.

A rising table allows you to switch between a low coffee table and a casual dining table in a couple of simple movements. This means that your furniture is multi-purpose and can be used for an array of different occasions. For example, the low coffee table allows you to relax on your sofa set with just drinks and snacks, but the casual dining table allows you to entertain and dine al fresco with friends and family.

Rising Tables

Fire Pit Rattan Dining Table Sets

Rattan dining sets are our second most popular choice of garden furniture on our website, with casual dining sets coming in at the most popular. However, something new is set to raise these dining sets into first place in 2019. Fire Pit Rattan Dining Table Sets are the new trend for 2019.

These fire pit dining tables allow you to make the most of your dining set throughout the whole year and well into each evening. This is because the large gas fire pit in the centre of the table will warm you and your guests as well as creating light for you to see by, meaning that garden parties can carry on well into the evening.

Fire Pit Dining Sets

Our range fire pit dining table sets come with a glass wind guard included for extra safety and a lid to cover the fire pit when not in use to create extra dining space.

Cast Aluminium

Whilst we predict that rattan garden furniture will remain the most popular choice in 2019, we believe there will be a rise in people looking for cast aluminium garden furniture.

Cast aluminium is similar to rattan in that it needs minimal care and does not rust when left outside. However, cast aluminium garden furniture offers a very traditional garden furniture look and can be shaped into more patterns and styles, including floral patterns which makes it popular among the older generation.

Cast Aluminium Sets

Aluminium can also be incredibly modern as demonstrated in our Fireglow range which incorporated sleek lines, modern style cushions and gas fire pits.

Fire Pit Coffee Tables & Vases

A wonderful garden furniture accessory that we predict will become a best seller and popular trend in 2019 is a fire pit coffee table or vase.

These accessories look great accompanying any sofa set or casual dining set and can add warmth and light to your garden. The coffee table option offers space to place your drinks or snacks when sitting outside, whereas the vase style option is more of a display piece which is nice to look at and enjoy sitting next to.

Fire Pit Coffee Tables & Vases

If you’re looking to be on trend this year, and need help choosing your garden furniture and accessories we recommend visiting our showroom to test and view the furniture for yourself or contacting our customer service team for help and advice.