What is the Strongest Type of Garden Furniture?

What is the Strongest Type of Garden Furniture?

Garden furniture needs to be weatherproof, durable and strong. But what is the strongest type of garden furniture on the market? We’ve compared several furniture types to weigh up the areas they excel in and those they aren’t so strong.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Synthetic rattan garden furniture is one of if not the most weather resistant garden furniture on the market. This is because it is made using powder coated aluminium frames which will not rust when left outside, even in damp conditions. Plus, the rattan itself is low maintenance and is protected against fading from sun exposure, frost and snow.

Durability – Synthetic rattan is incredibly durable and can withstand many temperatures, seasons and look as good as new. Top quality synthetic rattan can last between 5-15 years with warranties that can go as high as 10 years.

Strength – Synthetic rattan is very strong and rarely snaps or goes brittle. However, you may notice some sagging in the weave on particularly sunny days, this tends to happen more so on dining tables as the glass top magnifies the sun and the rattan sags. But this should always return to normal once the rattan cools down. Additionally, some framework can bend when excessive weight or force is applied, this is because the powder coated aluminium framework is pliable and easy to shape – meaning it can be bent back.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Strength Rating: 9/10

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Cast aluminium garden furniture is also incredibly weather resistant and also does not rust, allowing you to leave it outside all year round. However, it can get hot in the sun and potentially uncomfortable to sit on.

Durability - Cast aluminium is very durable and often has warranties of 3 years and up. The furniture is long-lasting but does require some looking after, potentially topping up chipped paint, etc.

Wood Garden Furniture

Strength – Whilst cast aluminium is very strong, it can snap if exposed to excessive weight or force.

Strength Rating: 7/10

Wooden Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Wooden garden furniture is not particularly weatherproof and once it gets wet it takes a long time to dry out before you can use it again, also if exposed to continuous damp conditions it can rot, which is why when used it should be kept in dry areas or stored away when not in use.

Durability – Despite its weather resistance issues, when treated correctly wooden garden furniture is expected to last upwards of 5 years and can often last a lifetime. However, it must be regularly cleaned and treated with protectants.

Strength – Wooden garden furniture is extremely tough and very strong, being able to support plenty of weight and often standing up against being thrown around/mistreated.

Strength Rating: 9/10

Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor Fabric Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Outdoor fabric is extremely weather resistant; it can be left outside in all weathers and water will drain out quickly. Plus, should it be left and exposed to damp conditions, any mould or stains can be easily washed out with a pressure washer.

Durability – Because of its weather resistance, outdoor fabric is incredibly durable and is expected to last a long time, with most warranties covering the first 5 years of its life.

Strength – Like your indoor sofa outdoor fabric is incredibly strong and will support plenty of weight and the shape will not warp or change.

Strength Rating: 10/10

Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Plastic garden furniture is not as weatherproof as other materials; it gets dirty quickly and can become mouldy in damp conditions. It is however easy to clean and dries quickly if it gets wet.

Durability – Plastic furniture does not have a long life expectancy and warranties are often as low as 1 year.

Strength – Plastic garden furniture is incredibly light weight and therefore gets blown around easily and cannot withstand too much weight or else it will snap and crack.

Metal Garden Furniture

Strength Rating: 4/10

Metal Garden Furniture

Weather Resistance – Metal furniture types like iron can rust when left in damp conditions and often get uncomfortably hot in high temperatures.

Durability – Despite potential rust, metal garden furniture is not likely to break easily making it very durable if you take care of the furniture.

Strength – Metal furniture is incredibly heavy and strong so it can withstand a lot of weight as well as being chucked about (though not recommended).

Strength Rating: 8/10

We hope that this information helps you make an informed decision on not only the strongest garden furniture but the most durable and comfortable. If you need further advice on what garden furniture is best for you, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to test the furniture yourself and speak to one of our friendly advisors.