The Hottest Autumn Trends

AAs summer draws to a close and the nights draw in, you don’t have to give up the time spent in your garden. If you shop the latest autumn trends, you’ll find you can spend just as much time outdoors as you could throughout the summer period.

Firepit Furniture

Firepit Furniture

If you buy anything for your garden this autumn, make sure it is a firepit. With our huge selection of firepit coffee tables, firepit dining and firepit casual dining, there is definitely something for every garden and these gas firepits are ideal not just for autumn but for year-round so you will definitely get plenty of use out of your purchase.

By adding a firepit or firepit set to your patio area you will find you can still spend plenty of time outdoors by the warming flames accompanied by a glass of wine or a hot chocolate. You will even be able to enjoy some of autumn’s best events like Halloween and Bonfire Night outdoors, kept warm by the heat from the firepit.

Our firepit furniture is all gas operated as we find this to be the cleanest method. It means no smoky smell or thick fog that blurs your vision or gets down your throat, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy even longer outdoors this autumn.

Garden Furniture Cover

Storage Boxes

Another great purchase for the autumn is a garden furniture cover. These weatherproof covers are resistant to frost and snow – which is not unheard of in autumn – and also keeps your garden furniture free from water and dirt, meaning that if you do get an opportunity to use it, you can do so quickly without having to wipe everything down first.

Before you attach the cover, do make sure you have removed your garden furniture cushions first. You should never leave cushions under the cover as they will sweat and unfortunately this can cause damp and mould.

Storage Boxes

If you’re looking for somewhere to keep those cushions neat and tidy before you attach your cover then our outdoor storage solutions are ideal. A storage box will keep the cushions in one place that is easily accessible to get the cushions in and out if you do want to use the furniture regularly throughout Autumn. Plus, the rattan storage box will match your furniture perfectly and become a part of your garden.

Rattan Garden Furniture

If you are looking to put your furniture away and therefore keep your cushions tidy and clean, our storage bags are a great solution that can be kept in your shed or garage to keep the cushions out of harm’s way.

Rattan Garden Furniture

If you’re purchasing new garden furniture going into the autumn months and you hope to get some use out of it before your garden is left alone for winter, we would definitely recommend rattan garden furniture.

Rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and designed to thrive in hot and cold temperatures alike. Our rattan garden furniture is made from aluminium framework which does not rust in damp conditions, as well as HDPE synthetic rattan which is resistant to sunlight, frost and snow, helping it to thrive in autumn.

Additionally, rattan rarely needs any maintenance and any dirt from falling leaves can be brushed away or wiped clean with a damp cloth making it ideal to use year-round without the hassle of having to clean before every use.

If you’re looking for new garden furniture, make sure you visit one of our garden furniture showrooms located throughout the UK.