The Tasteful Way to Decorate Using Novelty Lighting

The Tasteful Way to Decorate Using Novelty Lighting

Novelty lighting, love it or hate it, it’s very festive and can be found everywhere. If you’re already a lover then great, but if you’re a hater, we’re here to change your mind. We’ve revealed our top tips for decorating using novelty lighting tastefully without looking tacky.

Novelty Hearts & Stars

Subtle Shapes

Novelty lighting doesn’t have to be garish colours, bold shapes or character lighting. Our range of novelty lighting includes some beautifully subtle hearts and stars made from rattan or acrylic. The rattan shapes are perfect for hanging on a wall indoors and the acrylic shapes are ideal for the outside of your house.

These pretty shapes are made festive by the warm white LED lights which look gentle and natural in whichever location you choose.

Christmas Present Lights

Acrylic shapes

Some of our favourite novelty lighting has to be our range of acrylic shapes. We’ve touched on the hearts and stars above, but there are some other brilliant shapes that are wonderfully festive without feeling over the top. For example, some acrylic presents and acrylic pyramids which are super festive and enjoyable.

Outdoor Wall Art

Without going over the top and having several pieces attached to your roof the best way to tastefully use outdoor wall art is to have one or two pieces beside your door. Our favourites are truly festive shapes like reindeers or snowflakes that light up in a icy cool white colour.

Novelty Wall Art

Path Lights

If you want something a tad bolder without looking cheap or garish then path lights leading up to your front door are a great look. You can use lantern shapes or for something really festive, candy cane path lights are fun and sweet.

Outdoor Projectors

Christmas Path Lights

Whilst some outdoor projectors can look over the top there are some that can deliver a more understated look and appear very tasteful. For example, a gentle snow flurry or rotating snowflake projector can work extremely well, especially if this is only partnered with some matching cool white outdoor lights.

If you do want to go more full on with your novelty lighting, we think that looks great too. Go all out and splash lots of colour everywhere, have plenty of figures out front and wall art all across your roof and side of your house. We think that this is super fun and will really light up your street, but if you want something more subtle then follow the tips above.

If you need help choosing a subtle or a festive bonanza look then visit our Windlesham showroom and they will help you to achieve whichever look you desire.