The True Hero of Garden Furniture

The True Hero of Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture

There are plenty of garden furniture materials to choose from – plastic, metal, wood, fabric and aluminium just to name a few. But the real hero of garden furniture is synthetic rattan. Here, we reveal why we believe it is the ultimate choice for outdoor furniture.

Synthetic rattan isn’t a new development, in fact it’s been seen in many gardens across the UK for several years but it’s not slowing down and new developments in the material are ensuring that it is going to remain the number one choice for garden furniture for years to come.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Synthetic rattan is made from resin and there are two types available, PU and PE. PU is a lesser quality material and is often available very cheaply on the market from supermarkets and the like. If you’re looking for garden furniture that you can get a lot of use out for 1-2 years for little money this is a good choice. However, the real star is PE resin. This material is fully weatherproof, can be used all year round and is expected to last upwards of 5 years.

Here are the reasons we feel make PE synthetic rattan a star in the garden furniture world:


Unlike other materials, PE rattan can be left outside all year round without rusting, discolouration or turning mouldy. This low maintenance solution is perfect for our busy lifestyles and allows us to enjoy garden furniture without regularly applying treatments or cleaning the furniture.


Unlike natural rattan which endangers the habitats of many jungle animals and harms the environment from deforestation, PE rattan is a more sustainable solution. Whilst obviously pollution does occur from the factories, it is a lot less harmful than directly chopping down trees and destroying habitats.

Rattan Garden Furniture


For top quality rattan furniture it can be pricey but that furniture is expected to last between 5-20 years, which tops having to replace your furniture every few years or treat it with any other products, meaning your return on investment is much higher than that of other materials. Plus, you will find that rattan is still cheaper for much more luxury items than wood or iron furniture.


There is so much more choice available in synthetic rattan than there is in other materials like wood or plastic. That is because these materials are limited by their shape whereas rattan is very pliable and can be shaped easily to create lots of different designs. This means that no matter what you’re looking for - dining set, sofa set, daybed, heater - it will more than likely be available in a rattan design.

If you’re looking for some rattan garden furniture, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms to get expert advice on what will suit your needs and to see the furniture in person.