White Stores Garden Furniture – As Seen on TV

White Stores Garden Furniture – As Seen on TV

Viewers of Good Morning Britain may have seen the huge summer giveaway announcement on their Monday June 3rd show. If you were a fan of the garden furniture listed as part of the giveaway, you will be happy to know that this came from White Stores.

As Seen on Good Morning Britain

Our Lyon Casual Dining set with Gas Fire Pit was featured as part of the huge giveaway worth over £70,000 and presenter Andi Peters made himself comfortable on the set throughout the reading of the prize details.

ITV approached White Stores about the Lyon Casual Dining set with Gas Fire Pit because of how popular gas fire pits tables are becoming. White Stores believes that gas fire pit tables are so popular because of how they allow us to spend more time outdoors. Whether it is a chilly morning, but the sun is still shining, or the sun has started to set for the evening and it’s getting cooler, switching the fire pit on will allow you to extend your time outdoors and keep warm.

Casual Dining Fire Pit Sets

If you wish to enter the competition from Good Morning Britain, you have until the 21st June to do so by telephone or their website and you have a few extra days by post. However, if you don’t want to wait to see whether you win the competition, we have plenty of fire pit tables to choose from.

Whether you would prefer a casual dining fire pit set, like seen on Good Morning Britain, with a corner sofa, or a dining set fire pit with chairs, we do plenty of fire pit options to help improve your outdoor space.

Dining Fire Pit Sets

We also offer a choice between rattan fire pit sets, like seen on the competition, or aluminium fire pit sets, so that there is something for everybody’s taste and preference. With so many choices, we believe there is a fire pit for everyone!

If you’re entering the competition from Good Morning Britain, we wish you good luck! But if you’re impatient and want a great fire pit set now, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms where you can get a demonstration on how they work and choose between our different styles.