White Stores Garden Furniture vs.Argos Garden Furniture

TTesting our own garden furniture against that of others allows us to tell customers how proud we are of our own furniture and also make improvements if we feel other businesses our outshining us. Today, we have looked at our garden furniture compared to garden furniture from Argos.

Argos’ garden furniture can be found on their website and in their catalogue. They have a relatively small collection consisting of 68 sets from picnic benches, to sofa sets, and dining sets and materials that include metal, rattan effect and wood.

White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Argos Garden Furniture

White Stores’ has over 500 garden furniture sets available and offers a wider range of furniture including sun loungers, daybeds, casual dining sets, corner sofas and more as well as offering different materials such as synthetic rattan, wood, metal, outdoor fabric, cast aluminium and aluminium.

However, Argos is considerably cheaper than our own furniture, with their cheapest set available being just £35 and their most expensive being £1,045. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should choose Argos over our own furniture, this is because as we have discussed in previous blogs, cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

The price of this furniture comes down to quality and the fact that the furniture is likely to only last 1-2 years, compared to the 5+ years life expectancy of White Stores’ furniture. When you have to replace furniture regularly, the costs can add up and work out more expensive after all.

White Stores Showrooms

Additionally, Argos’ garden furniture is self-assembly which makes it less durable than our own fully assembled furniture. We choose to deliver all of our furniture fully assembled, with only small sections of assembly required because we know that welded framework is much stronger and more durable than bolting the furniture together.

However, because Argos does offer flat packed furniture, if you were to visit an Argos store there are items that you would be able to take away with you and set up in your garden on the very same day. White Stores does not offer this service, but we do have a well-run delivery system that allows you to book in the delivery of your furniture on a day that suits you.

Plus, what we feel really sets us apart from Argos is our showrooms. If you were to visit an Argos store, you would not be able to see and test the furniture for yourself until you got the furniture home and assembled, by which time, if you do not like the furniture you may not be able to return it based on the fact it has been removed from the box. However, if you were to visit one of our showrooms, you can see the furniture, sit on it, measure it and speak to one of our knowledgeable sales advisors for information and advice on which furniture is ideal for you and your garden.

To conclude, we are confident in the quality of our furniture and feel that our showrooms set us apart from Argos.