White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Littlewoods Garden Furniture

White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Littlewoods Garden Furniture

Understanding our competitors allows us to provide the best service possible for consumers, which is why we have continued our honest and transparent research of putting our own website, shopping experience and products against those of our competitors. This week we are comparing ourselves to retailers, Littlewoods.

Littlewoods has a large range of garden furniture compared to many other online retailers that we have looked at over the past few months. The range includes aluminium, fabric, metal, synthetic rattan, and wood and this allows for a price range spanning from up to £20 to over £1,000.

Garden Furniture At White Stores

As garden furniture specialists, White Stores also has a large range of all of these furniture types available. However, many of these ranges have been designed and developed by our own brands, allowing us to fully listen to what the customer desires and improve features.

With many similar materials available and price points being equally matched by Littlewoods it was interesting to discover the main difference between our two brands. White Stores offers a guarantee with all furniture and accessories. The length of guarantee does depend on material and range, but most furniture has a guarantee of over 3 years. However, on Littlewoods’ site, on every piece of furniture you have the choice to add furniture insurance for an additional cost.

White Stores is extremely proud of our lengthy guarantees and our ability to offer customer support to our customers, should any problems occur, without having to charge any extra. This shows extremely good faith in the durability of our furniture and, we believe, makes us a reliable choice.

White Stores Garden Furniture Showrooms

By offering a fee to insure the furniture, it seems that many may not choose this extra expense and may be left with problems that will not be resolved by Littlewoods should damage to the furniture occur.

In addition, to this extra charge for furniture insurance, Littlewoods also has a no returns policy once furniture has been assembled. At White Stores, we allow for notification of any faults for 14 days after delivery and the furniture can be returned if it has been assembled, though if there is no fault and a matter of preference it will be at the consumers’ own cost.

Not only do these customer aftercare points set White Stores apart from Littlewoods but we can also offer a great customer experience from the very outset. This is because though we have the largest collection of rattan garden furniture online, we also have six showrooms dotted around the country for customers to look at, test and measure our garden furniture. As well as a dedicated customer service team who work 7 days a week to help with recommendations as well as solve any queries. Customers shopping with Littlewoods will not be able to view their furniture in person before buying which is often a downside for shoppers.

In conclusion, we believe that White Stores offers more than Littlewoods for the customer experience, in terms of both the shopping experience and aftercare.