Why Your Home Shouldn’t Stop at The Backdoor

Why Your Home Shouldn’t Stop at The Backdoor

Spending time outdoors is good for our minds, bodies and souls. So, when it comes to investing in our garden, we should think of them as another room in the house and make it an enjoyable space for everyone.

Whilst many of us are happy to spend hundreds, if not thousands on furniture for the living room without batting an eye, we spend our time in the garden on broken plastic furniture or old wooden deck chairs. Not only is this not appealing to look at, it doesn’t make the garden feel like part of the home. If you want to get the most out of your garden space, you should start seeing it differently. Look at the garden as another room in the house and start justifying spends to make it an enjoyable environment.

Fire Pit Casual Dining

Great Garden Ideas

Enjoying your garden can be a year-round thing, if done correctly, and not just a summer privilege. Investing in a nice patio or decking area will allow you to set up a separate seating area and still keep your lawn free for other use.

Choosing the right garden furniture for this seating area is important. The decision will be made based on the main purpose of your furniture and the size of your seating area. If you have a large seating area that you wish to enjoy year-round and would like to both relax and dine using this this space, we recommend a casual dining set with a fire pit table. The fire pit table will allow you to spend more time in your garden, even during autumn and the corner sofa offers plenty of space to relax.

Rattan Cube Set

If you need something that offers plenty of seating and dining space but doesn’t take up too much room a rattan cube set is ideal. A cube set comes with as many footstools as it does folding chairs, and these footstools double up as extra seats, allowing you to double your amount of seating. Plus, the chairs and footstools all tuck under the table when not in use, freeing up your space again.

We recommend rattan garden furniture as a great investment for the garden. Not only is the furniture incredibly comfortable, like your furniture indoors, but it is fully weatherproof and can be left outside all year round with little to no maintenance involved. This allows your garden ‘room’ to look great all year round. Plus, the furniture is long-lasting and durable and will last for many years, just like you would expect an indoor suite to.

Another thing you would spend money on indoors which you should definitely consider for your garden is lighting. Good outdoor lighting, again, will extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors. A patio heater is a great resource as it offers both light and heat.

Rattan Garden Furniture

If you’re fully investing in your outdoor room, then why not make it a living room/kitchen. A built-in barbecue or outdoor kitchen is a permanent feature that is more likely to be used than a barbecue that has to be brought out of the shed and dusted off every time you use it.

Things to Avoid

In order to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible, you should avoid making any additions to the garden that require too much maintenance. The garden should be a relaxed space, like an additional living room, that you can enjoy without too much regular work. Unless you are a keen gardener, a complex garden design can soon become more work than enjoyment and will start to look shabby and overgrown.

Expensive and complicated features like swimming pools and ponds should be avoided as they require a lot of upkeep, which if you are selling your house is likely to be a turnoff. Smaller water features, however, could add some peace and tranquillity to the space.

If you’re looking to invest in your garden and make it an additional room in your home, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms. We dress our showrooms like a living space, allowing you to picture the furniture in your own home and make the best decision for your own garden.