Your Guide toAlternative Christmas Trees

CChristmas is a very special time of year, but what do you do when you’re bored of the same old Christmas decorations year in, year out? If you’re sick of the same tired looking tree you’ve used for years or fed up of sweeping up needles from a real tree every day, an alternative Christmas tree is the way forward.

LED Blossom Trees

LED trees come without mess and they bring something new to your Christmas display. Here, we will outline our favourite LED trees and the functions that make them perfect for Christmas.

LED Blossom Trees

Blossom trees come in a range of shapes and sizes, they are fun and quirky, and offer something different to your classic Christmas tree. The LED blossom heads are pretty and also replaceable, meaning your tree can look top-notch for years to come.

Our LED Blossom Trees have 8 multi-function settings including static, twinkle, fade, chasing, glow, sequential, waves and combination. They also have a 5m lead cable which gives you plenty of stretch to reach the nearest plug socket. These blossom trees are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, which means you can decorate any area of your home and use as an alternative or in addition to a traditional Christmas tree.

Birch Trees

Christmas Birch Trees

Birch trees are realistic looking trees that are laced with gentle, warming LEDs that bring a nice glow to your chosen area. Our LED birch trees are static and have a 5m lead cable so that you can reach your nearest plug socket.

Our birch trees are suitable for inside and outdoor use and are perfect to accompany traditional Christmas trees.

Willow Trees

LED Willow Trees

Christmas Willow Trees are a stunning cascade of colour that would brighten up any area. Available in large sizes we recommend these trees for outdoor use, but they are also suitable for indoor use.

Our willow trees have a 5m lead cable and 8 multi-function settings as well as a flat base to keep the tree secure. These unusual trees are perfect for adding something new to your Christmas display.

Kyoto Trees

Kyoto Trees

Our large Kyoto trees come in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft size options so offer the largest sizing of our alternative Christmas trees. This therefore, makes them ideal for outdoor use, although they can still be used indoors if you have space large enough.

The 5m lead cable is plenty of length to reach your nearest plug socket and the 8 multi-function settings help this tree to feel as Christmassy as possible. The flat base and pegs keep the tree secure and offer plenty of Christmas cheer to your chosen space.

If you need help selecting your alternative Christmas tree, or you would like to view our full range of traditional artificial Christmas trees you will find us online. Alternatively, you can seek knowledge and advice from our sales team.