Your Guide to Buying Outdoor Christmas Lights

Your Guide to Buying Outdoor Christmas Lights

Decorating your outdoor space is slightly trickier than decorating indoors. In this guide, we will reveal all the tips and tricks for buying outdoor Christmas lights and how to put them up, safely and easily.

Icicle Lights

Things to Consider Before you Buy

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs are brighter and longer lasting than other types of Christmas light available on the market. This is ideal for your outside space and will light up your area nicely.

Choose Your Light Style

Consider your light style carefully for your outdoor space as there is plenty to choose from, some of the most popular options are:

Icicle Lights

Hanging Icicle Lights are an extremely popular choice of outdoor Christmas light. We offer two types of icicle, snowing icicle and meteor shower. Both are ideal for hanging along your roof or guttering; however, the snowing icicle lights are available in larger sizes and more colours.

Meteor Shower Lights

String Lights

String lights are ideal for use on outdoor trees, wrapping around guttering or attaching to your roof. They offer an evenly spaced look and are available in multiple colours.

Cluster Lights

Cluster lights offer a much fuller look compared to string lights and are also ideal for outdoor trees as well as wrapping around porches, walls, bushes or other outdoor areas.

String Lights

LED Trees

Large LED trees such as blossom trees, willow trees and kyoto trees are ideal for a front lawn or patio. From small LED trees to huge 8ft LED trees these light-up decorations offer something unique to your outdoor space and make for a great alternative Christmas tree.

Christmas Figures

Light-up Christmas figures make for perfect outdoor Christmas lights and whether you opt for just one or a whole family of characters, outdoor figures are great fun to add to your outdoor Christmas display and many can be collected over the years.

Additional Features

Lead Cable

Mains operated lights are safe to be used outdoors (providing the retailer has confirmed this) but you should ensure the plug is kept safely in a dry location, this could be a suitably covered outdoor socket, but we always recommend an indoor socket. This means that you will need a lengthy lead cable to be able to reach from your chosen outside spot to the plug socket. We recommend looking for lead lengths between 5m-10m to ensure you have enough stretch.

Cluster Lights

Lit Length

The lit length or number of bulbs is also important, especially if you plan to decorate the roof or outside of you house as you will need to make sure you can cover the whole space. We recommend measuring your area first and looking for a lit length that will definitely cover this space, rather than just guessing.

Timer Functions

If you’re looking for lights for your outdoor space, then the most important feature is a timer function. The timer function will allow your lights to turn on and off at the same time every day. This helps to save energy and keep running costs down and prevents you having to turn them on and off each night which you may forget to do.

Multi-Function Settings

Blossom Trees

Another thing to consider when buying outdoor Christmas lights is the settings available. Multi-function settings are great as they allow you to choose a light setting that suits you and your space. For example, if you’re on a busy road flashing lights might be distracting to drivers so you may want to ensure you have a static function.

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

Hanging your outdoor Christmas lights safely is our number one priority. Here are the things you may need:

• Your chosen Outdoor lights
• A ladder
• Gutter hooks or decorating clips
• A weatherproof extension lead.

Step 1: Plug in your lights at ground level and make sure everything works.

Step 2: Check that there is an accessible power socket, if you need more stretch, we recommend using an extension lead.

Christmas Figures

Step 3: Use a ladder to hand your lights at height. You should make sure the ladder is on a solid, level piece of ground and that you can reach the point you wish to hang the lights without being on the top step or having to stretch above your head or stand on tip toes. Where possible, we recommend asking another adult to hold the ladder securely whilst you are on it.

Step 4: Attach your decorating clips or gutter hooks to the area you are decorating. The hooks should be evenly spaced apart, maybe every 30 to 50cm or for heavier lights like icicle lights, every 20 to 30cm.

Step 5: Plug the lights in and work backwards from the socket clipping the cable into the decorating clips. Aim for the cable to be held tight, with no loose wires hanging down.

Step 6: Work slowly around the area until you reach the end of your strong of lights. Make sure you have one last hook in place to hold the end of the string.

Step 7: Adjust any droopy wires or any unevenly spaced bulbs.

Step 8: Switch on and enjoy!

If you need any further help choosing your outdoor lights, we recommend speaking to one of our Christmas elves in-store or over the phone.