Multicolour Christmas Figures & Characters

For some customers, a display can be as simple as hanging a few lights, whilst for others, they’re about having as much fun as possible. For every type of person, we’re confident that our range of Christmas Figures & Characters will make the perfect addition to your decorations.

OOur outdoor figures feature a range of colourful Christmas characters, from penguins to Father Christmas, to friendly reindeer, icy polar bears and plenty more whimsical and wonderful characters.

Many of our Christmas figures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and come with LED lights built-in meaning they can shine bright for all of your friends and neighbours to enjoy, too.

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  1. 100cm Soft Acrylic Christmas Tree - Multi Coloured
    100cm Soft Acrylic Christmas Tree
    From £89.99
    • RRP: £119.99
    • Was: £99.99
    Pre Order | Estimated Delivery by 29/11/2021
  2. 110cm Starburst Christmas Star - Warm White
    110cm Starburst Christmas Star
    From £84.99
    • RRP: £109.99
    • Was: £99.99
    Pre Order | Estimated Delivery by 24/11/2021
  3. 80cm Starburst Christmas Star - Warm White
    80cm Starburst Christmas Star
    From £54.99
    • RRP: £69.99
    • Was: £59.99
    Pre Order | Estimated Delivery by 24/11/2021
  4. 50cm Starburst Christmas Star - Warm White
    50cm Starburst Christmas Star
    From £32.99
    • RRP: £42.99
    • Was: £37.99
    Pre Order | Estimated Delivery by 24/11/2021

FAQ's Christmas Figures

Check out this list of popular outdoor Christmas figures!

Choose the figures that best fit in with your Christmas decoration plans. Any one of these outdoor Christmas figures would look lovely when displayed outside your home this xmas.

Santa Claus and Reindeer Figures

What is Christmas without Santa Claus? Everybody knows Christmas won't be complete without Santa Claus in the mix. 

A Santa Claus figure is one of the most popular outdoor Christmas figurines. The sight of a cheery Santa outside your home will surely put a smile on most passers-by this Christmas season!

Snowman Figures

Another favourite outdoor Christmas figure is the snowman. Whilst we can’t guarantee a white Christmas this year we can offer a selection of great looking snowmen figures for you to display in your garden.

Our outdoor Christmas snowman figures are available in quality acrylic This material is durable and perfect as part of your outdoor festive display. 

Add a string of weatherproof LED lights, and your snowman is ready to greet people with a big smile!

Outdoor Christmas Trees 

Christmas isn't Christmas without a Christmas tree. You can place them inside and out - and even have more than one! Display them with your other Christmas figurines and add some lights for that extra sparkle.

Christmas Penguins

Add some Winter Wonderland magic to your outdoor Christmas display with some festive Christmas penguins.

Penguin figures are a trendy addition to your Christmas display and make perfect friends for your reindeer and Santa figures.

A question we’re often asked is how to secure your outdoor Christmas figures to the ground? 

It’s important to securely install any outdoor Christmas figures that contain electronics for lights and sound effects especially if they are wired into the main electrical supply.

Many outdoor Christmas figures are made of lightweight materials and whilst these materials are sturdy and waterproof they can be prone to falling over if not properly secured to the ground.

So how do you properly secure your outdoor Christmas Figures to the ground?

Anchoring your decorations starts with the right kind of equipment. You can use materials like wires, rope, or rebars. These items are great at holding outdoor figures in place while remaining concealed.

Setting everything up properly will take a little while but will provide you with peace of mind and stop you from worrying about outdoor Christmas figures disappearing from your garden.

Our rattan and acrylic outdoor figures come complete with a set of metal pegs to keep them firmly fastened down. For our nutcrackers, we recommend cable tying these charming figures to secure them.

Knowing how to store your outdoor Christmas figures is essential if you want to keep them looking great for years to come. Storing your Christmas figures when the Christmas holiday season is over is not just about keeping them out of sight, it's also about keeping them dry and free from damage.

Make sure you are familiar with the manufacturer's recommended storage guidelines. This will make sure your outdoor Christmas figures remain in proper working order from one year to the next.

It’s also a good idea to invest in some sturdy packaging materials like bubble wrap and boxes as this will help protect any fragile items. 

It is never too early to start shopping for your outdoor Christmas figures. Check White Stores' high-quality outdoor Christmas figures and plan your Christmas display today!