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See for yourself why pre lit Christmas trees are so popular. Our entire collection includes quick, click and connect technology making assembly and lighting effortlessly easy.

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LED lights, obviously! Thanks to the many many innovations in technology, we now enjoy the much better LED (aka light-emitting) diode lights in our everyday lives – and the holidays too!

Why are they the best Christmas lights to put on a tree, you ask? 

Well, first off – they’re way safer than putting an open flame near your Christmas tree. Second, they’re incredibly efficient. Compared to standard lights, LED Christmas lights consume much less energy and last much longer in your home. 

And if that wasn’t enough, these Christmas tree lights super easy to set up and style around your tree and your home. 

We have a whole collection of LED connectable lights that you can use to light up your home this Christmas season. There’s everything from classic string lights and cluster lights to icicle lights and even meteor shower lights for you to choose from. 

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor (or both) Christmas tree, it won’t be complete until you hang up those brilliant Christmas lights. They’re the perfect way to give your place that warm and homey Christmas feeling. 

Let your creative juices flow and bring in some festive glow into your home with LED Christmas tree lights!

Generally speaking, it’s more efficient to start at the bottom. Working your way up the tree from the base makes it easier for you to space out your Christmas tree lights. 

On your way to the top, wrap your LED Christmas lights around every major branch and go from there. Don’t forget to fluff up the branches as you go along. 

One nifty trick is to string your LED lights in a zigzag pattern, and doing it section by section. This lets you see right away which parts need some more depth or variety and fix it right away. 

To create depth, you should place some of your Christmas tree lights deeper in the tree, closer to the centre, and some more to the front. 

For a clean look, hide the connectors deep into the branches by the base. You might even want to use a power strip or two to help you out. That way, there won't be random strings of lights stretching across the room to reach the power socket. 

Want to try experimenting a little bit? Mess around with a couple different lighting schemes until you find one you love. Don’t worry about keeping it uniform all around the tree either. Having mix and match lights will add to the festive cheer of your Christmas tree!

There should be some ground pegs included, if you cannot find them in your box I will send out some spares to you.

That all depends on your preference and whether you have pets. The flocked substance could be toxic to your pets so we would recommend a normal tree if you have pets that will be in the same room as the tree.

We prefer artificial trees as you get more for your money. You can use the tree year after year and don’t have the hassle of getting a real tree home or leaving it too late and being stuck with the small one. Plus, you won’t have to hoover up those pesky falling needles. Additionally, you can start your Christmas decorating early and have the tree up for longer without it dying.

A tree is more expensive based on the quality of the item. PE/PVC mixed trees will be more expensive than an all PVC tree as they look more realistic and cost more to produce. Other defining factors are the size of the tree as well as tip count - for example, a tree with 2,500 branch tips is a much fuller tree than one of the same size with 800 branch tips and therefore a higher value - or whether the tree is pre-lit or flocked.