Choosing Your Favourite Reindeer


Choosing a Reindeer

Our Christmas Reindeer collection is extensive and with so much to choose from, we know it can be hard to know where to start. This guide will help you understand each material, the different sizes, power options and characters available. Have a read and give a reindeer a home this Christmas.

Material Guide

Each material will give off a different aesthetic and appearance. Understanding each material’s components will help you choose which will suit your planned space for the figure.

Rattan Reindeer

Our rattan reindeer are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The rattan reindeer collection is available in 3 different colours – brown being a traditional reindeer colour, grey being a stylish counterpart, and white for a perfect winter wonderland.

Acrylic Reindeer

Designed for outdoor use, our soft acrylic reindeer are created using soft spun acrylic which will not go brittle and snap in colder temperatures, making it ideal for a British Christmas.

Resin Reindeer

Created by a unique moulding process and then hand-painted, these reindeer figures are suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to the weatherproof resin that can be left outside. 

MGO Concrete Reindeer

Cast in sturdy weatherproof MGO concrete and hand painted for a stunning and unique finish, these reindeer statues are suitable for use indoors and outdoors and will never need repainting. 

Meet The Characters

Introducing each beloved reindeer character... Get to know their personalities, their functions and why they would be perfect for your space.

The Ralph Family

Available as a family or individually, The Ralph Reindeer are made from rattan weave and available in 3 colours. The LED lights are dual-powered and have 8 multi-function settings as well as a timer function.

The Rudolphs

Available as a duo or individually, The Rudolphs are made from rattan weave and come in one colour, with red rattan finishing for their tell-tale red nose. The LED lights are dual-powered and can be controlled by a timer function, as well as offering the choice of 8 multi-function settings.


Eyal will make your Christmas come to life with his eye-catching design and LED lights. Available with cool white or warm white LEDs, including 270 steady-on lights and 30 flashing bulbs, he stands 140cm tall. He comes with 3 pegs which allow you to attach him to soft ground when using outdoors. Eyal is mains powered and comes with a 10m lead cable.


Ivandoe is befitting of any indoor or outdoor display. This mains-powered Reindeer stands at 87cm with a 10m lead cable. Along with his magical sleigh, this reindeer comes in two options, either 140 cool or warm white LED lights. These 140 LEDs include 126 steady-on lights and 14 flashing bulbs. Ivandoe comes with 8 pegs which allow you to attach him to soft ground when using him outdoors. 


Miracle is available in four different sizes: 80cm, 100cm, 150cm & 180cm, and also has two colour choices - cool or warm white. The LEDs offer a mix of steady-on and flashing LEDs. Each size is equipped with pegs to aid in attaching to soft ground and a 10m lead cable to reach and indoor plug.


Don’t worry, Raindrop has always just been an 80cm head! Coming in two LED options, warm white and cool white, he has 80 LEDs, including 72 steady-on lights and 8 flashing bulbs. He comes with a 10m lead cable which gives you the length needed to reach your nearest plug socket, indoors or outdoors.

Roscoe Family

The Roscoe Mother & Baby 70cm Soft Acrylic Christmas Reindeer stands at 70cm and 35cm tall and comes with a 10m lead cable. These unique, soft acrylic reindeers feature 230 cool or warm white LEDs between them, including 207 steady-on lights and 23 flashing bulbs. The Roscoe family comes with 8 pegs which allows them to be attached to soft ground, ensuring mother and baby don’t fall over. 



Available in grey or gold, Promise also has 2 size options available, 213cm or 76cm allowing you to choose between a little promise and a big promise! This uniquely moulded and hand-painted reindeer will never need repainting or fail to bring elegance to your Christmas display. Made with a weatherproof resin, Promise is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. 



Rasha is a 115cm resin Reindeer, hand-painted to perfection. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Rasha would look fantastic in a living area or eye-catching in a front garden. 


Available as individual statues or pairs, Fawna offers gold or silver colouring to match your display. Fawna is 53cm tall with an LED star that requires 3 x AA batteries.
Due to its polyresin material, it’s suitable for indoor use only, however, thanks to its hand-painted finish, it’ll never need re-painting.


Wonder is available in 2 sizes and is unique because though they look the same, the material differs. The 47cm Fawna is a polyresin material and takes 3 x AAA batteries, whereas the larger 75cm is an MGO concrete and takes 3 x AA batteries.


Smiley the 41cm Red Reindeer with LED sign is a festive figure that’ll bring joy to any indoor and outdoor space this Christmas Smiley isn’t just any old reindeer, he’s a friendly reindeer who holds a wonderful LED sign that says ‘Welcome.’ This sign has multicoloured LED lights and its battery-operated design requires 3 x AA batteries. 

Power Options

Understanding whether you need to reach a plug socket with a lead cable or whether the battery pack takes AA or AAA batteries is an important part of choosing your figure and knowing whether it will work for your space.

Mains Operated

Our mains-operated figures all come with a UK mains transformer which is IP20 rated which means it should be plugged into an indoor socket or a suitably covered outdoor socket. However, due to the shape of the transformer, they may not fit in all outdoor socket cases so do check this before you buy. Plugging into an indoor socket won’t be a problem as the lead cables are typically between 5m-10m long. 

Battery Operated

Giving you more freedom over where to place your figure, without having to worry about cables and lead lengths, battery-operated figures are a very popular choice. Whilst none of our reindeer figures come with batteries included most take between 2-3 AA or AAA batteries and details of this can be found in product descriptions and on instructions.

Dual Powered

Our rattan reindeer figures combine the best of both worlds and come with a lead cable as well as a battery pack so that you can choose what best suits you and your space. It’s worth noting that choosing the battery pack option will mean the LED lights appear slightly dimmer than with the mains cable.