Firepit Table Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture is more popular than ever. It is a stylish, practical solution for any outdoor space. All of our rattan garden furniture is durable, weatherproof and easy to clean, as well as being available in plenty of styles, making it the ideal choice for every person and every garden.


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and all of our rattan garden furniture is weatherproof and easy to clean. The rattan is woven to aluminum frames that do not rust. Synthetic rattan has greatly improved in recent years; the look and feel of it is a huge advance on the plastic furniture that was common in the 1990s. You get the tactile weave of traditional wicker without the concern of it being damaged by weather conditions.

Buy rattan furniture online - huge range of garden furniture sets.

We pride ourselves on stocking a fantastic range of rattan garden furniture designs, from beautiful dining sets to luxurious garden sofas and daybeds. At White Stores we work hard to find the best quality at great prices for our customers. You will notice most of our furniture does not require any assembly, it arrives ready to use.

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