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If you're looking for advice on what furniture to buy, top tips on garden design and ideas for how to get the most out of your space, you're in the right place! Discover our latest advice and outdoor living tips in the blogs below!

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  1. Five things you need to do when you get your new Napoleon BBQ

    You’ve decided to treat yourself to a brand new Napoleon grill barbecue for the pending summer, and you’re itching to get the flames going and the sausages sizzling. We don’t blame you. But wait! Before you do anything on your Napoleon BBQ make sure that you’ve completed these 5 things to ensure the best grilling experience for you and new barbecue. Get to grips with your Napoleon manual and follow these five steps. 

  2. Your guide to keeping your garden furniture outside in any weather

    In the quest to create the perfect outdoor space, one common concern looms large: how to keep garden furniture looking its best outside amidst changing weather conditions. From waterproof cushions to weatherproof materials, finding the right furniture that can withstand the elements is crucial.

  3. Getting your garden ready for May bank holiday weekend

    As the May bank holidays approach, it's time to seize the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own garden. Whether you have a sprawling green space or a cosy patio, there are endless possibilities for creating memorable moments with family and friends.

  4. How to keep your pergola safe in extreme weathers

    Over the past couple of months, the UK has experienced storm after storm, battling extreme weather including high winds, rain and in some places snow. These conditions are enough to cause a lot of interruption, damage, and even bring down trees. So, how can we keep our garden furniture safe, particularly pergolas. 

  5. Should you cover rattan garden furniture?

    You’ve just purchased your new White Stores rattan garden furniture. Its stylish yet practical materials are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. But a question we get a lot, is should you cover your rattan garden furniture? We’ve delved into when and why you should cover your garden furniture below.

  6. What to Do with Your Rattan Garden Furniture in Bad Weather

    Unfortunately, the Great British weather isn’t known for being consistent, and sometimes it doesn’t deliver. For those of us eager to use our gardens and enjoy our garden furniture, we’re often found patiently waiting. However, there are plenty of things you can do with your rattan garden furniture whilst the weather is bad.

  7. How to Effectively Maintain Your Garden This Autumn/Winter

    The cold and wet weather that epitomises Autumn and Winter is fast approaching, so you need to be mindful of how your garden might fare in the change in the climate. Although the nights are getting darker earlier, there is still plenty you can get stuck into in the daytime hours to ensure your garden remains in tip-top condition and ready for the return of the warmer months.

  8. Weatherproof Covers for Rattan Furniture

    With the British summer drawing to a close and the rain setting back in, many people are looking to pack their garden furniture away for another year.

  9. Looking after Outdoor Garden Furniture

    Rattan furniture is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture available, mainly due to the fact it needs very little maintenance. Good quality rattan furniture is rust-proof, weather resistant, easy to wipe clean if there are any unavoidable spillages and can be left outside all year round.

  10. Preparing Your Patio For Warmer Weather

    With warmer weather on the way, it’s time to get your outdoor space ready. To make the most of your patio, you’ll need garden furniture that’s suitable for the sunshine. With our all-year round collections ranging from rattan garden furniture sets to parasols, there’s a memory waiting to be made.

  11. Can I Leave Rattan Furniture Outside In Winter?

    When we're asked "can I leave rattan furniture outside during the winter?" We always have the same answer…yes. With top-quality synthetic rattan, it is perfectly safe to keep your furniture outside all year round.

  12. How To Care For Your Glass Top Table

    Glass Top Tables are the most common type of tables used for garden furniture. This is because of the style and also the sturdiness and practicality of the glass top. However, with temperatures soaring, we’ve revealed how you can take care of your glass-top table and ensure it remains safe to use.

  13. Three Steps to Winter-Proof your Garden Furniture

    Many people tend to forget they have a garden in winter, refusing to open the back door for fear of letting the heat escape. But what does that mean for the garden furniture you have been enjoying all summer? Here are our top tips for winterproofing your garden and ensuring that your garden furniture is ready to use when spring arrives.

  14. How to Attach Your Winter Cover

    If you’ve purchased one of our Nova garden furniture covers, this step-by-step run-through will help you to attach your winter cover to your rattan garden furniture with ease.

  15. Caring For Your Garden Furniture Cushions

    Most of our garden furniture comes with padded garden furniture cushions to ensure that your furniture is comfortable and stylish. However, not all of these cushions are the same and require different maintenance to keep them looking new and to keep your furniture looking great. Know your cushions and know what they need by using this great guide.

  16. How to Repair Rattan Garden Furniture

    Rattan Garden Furniture is typically low maintenance and extremely sturdy garden furniture, but should your rattan happen to split, crack or break there is no need to panic. Rattan is an incredibly flexible plastic that shapes easily but is therefore at risk of breaking. Additionally, there are always external circumstances like your dog taking a chunk of it, little fingers getting their hands on it and snapping sections, and extreme weather damage, that can cause your furniture to break. 

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