You’ve just purchased your new White Stores rattan garden furniture. Its stylish yet practical materials are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. But a question we get a lot, is should you cover your rattan garden furniture? We’ve delved into when and why you should cover your garden furniture below.

Rattan garden furniture is an increasingly popular option amongst those seeking a garden upgrade, maybe because of its durable and weatherproof abilities, or the variety of styles available. Rattan has greatly improved over the years, but it still needs some TLC to keep it looking its best.

So, should you cover your rattan garden furniture? The answer is often a resounding YES. Allow us to explain.

"Its stylish yet practical materials are the perfect addition to any outdoor space."

- White Stores

Keeping Your Rattan Furniture Covered In Summer

You’re probably thinking, “Why do I need to cover my furniture in the summer months?”. The great British summer weather can be very unpredictable (as we all know). One moment it’s raining, and the next it’s glorious sunshine, and yet your rattan waterproof capabilities can keep up with all the different elements of a great British summer. Brilliant!

However, in those in-between periods during the summer months when you’re not using your garden furniture as much - perhaps you’re off on a well-deserved family holiday or the weather just isn’t permitting - we would advise you to cover up your rattan set to protect it against the dreaded D’s. Dirt, dust and droppings. Not something you want all over your garden furniture when you’re hosting your next party. However, if it's a particularly hot day, we would recommend ensuring your cover is removed - this is because the soft backing may transfer to your tabletop.


Keeping Your Rattan Furniture Covered In Winter

Let’s face it, you’re less likely to want to venture out to your garden in those winter months. It’s cold, frosty and very wet outside. We don’t like it, and whilst high-quality rattan furniture isn’t fazed by the colder months, it’s not opposed to having a jacket to keep the chill off.

That’s why we always recommend you cover up your garden furniture when it’s not in use. By doing so, you’ll be able to continue to enjoy your rattan set every summertime. It will also mean less maintenance for you when the sun does come back out as you won’t need to think about cleaning your furniture first.

Our Top Tips on Covering Rattan Garden Furniture

The best way of adding that extra layer of protection for your rattan furniture is to cover it using a weather-resistant garden furniture cover. Not sure how to attach your cover? We’ve dedicated a whole blog around this here.

Make sure before you attach your cover that you remove all cushions first. Did you know that the material used on cushions can sweat? And you do not want them going mouldy over those winter months! Get yourself an outdoor storage box for the summer and during the winter make sure you store them inside safe and sound. If you want added protection for your cushions, grab some of our storage bags and keep them all in one place – that saves you from doing multiple trips to and from the garden!


What About Other Garden Furniture Materials

The sweaty cushion top tip leads us on nicely to other garden furniture materials, and whether you should cover them too. Just like outdoor cushions, fabric garden furniture needs to be able to breathe and should not be covered. The beauty of this furniture is that it contains a quick-dry foam so any rain will run right through the furniture and, particularly in the summer months, will dry within half an hour of the sun coming out. Instead of covering, we recommend jet-washing the fabric for a quick and effective clean.

Last but certainly not least, we have aluminium garden furniture. This sleek and stylish material is a real contender for the modern garden. And all premium products should be covered correctly, which is why a furniture cover is a must to keep the timeless look year after year. However, top tip: don’t cover your aluminium furniture in the summer months or in points of high sunshine because you may get some transfer from the soft-backed cover to your furniture.

Need more cover advice? Don’t be afraid to reach out to one of our helpful sales agents to find out what cover will best fit your garden furniture.