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A warm welcome from us

Some may say we’re a small outdoor living retailer with big goals. And they’re right!  

Since 2005, we've been your trusted retailer in turning your outdoor living spaces into personal havens. As the pioneer online retailer in this market, our unwavering passion for outdoor living has been what sets us apart from others. 

It's not just about furniture – it's about creating experiences. Our collection is a testament to quality, comfort, and style that blends seamlessly with every type of family. Choosing us means choosing excellence, backed by years of expertise. 

So, what sets us apart from the competition, and why should you choose us over anyone else selling outdoor furniture?  

Here’s 5 reasons why we should be your go to outdoor living retailer. 

  • We care about the little things

    We mean it. We really care. And things you might find boring about outdoor furniture are things that we are passionate about. It's the little details like ensuring our stool height is the same as our chair height so that when you have extra guests over you are all sat at the same level (that’s right, not everyone is doing this) and making sure our rising tables are that little bit higher so you don’t bang your knees. We're even thinking about the more complex solutions like creating a double layered gas pan system to ensure the furniture itself doesn’t get hot.

    All of these elements that you might not think about until you have the furniture like finding out your old parasol does not fit the parasol hole in your new dining table, we’ve thought about! From built-in parasol hole adapters as standard, we’ve considered how you will need to use your furniture and we’ve made it happen. This allows us to be confident that our products are the best on the market – we’ve even won awards for our Titan pergola design.

  • We offer the largest selection of outdoor living products

    We’ve got over 3,000 products for you to choose from.

    That’s a lot! But don’t worry, we’ve made our website user friendly. However, if you prefer to shop in person, we have stores situated throughout the UK, with our Essex flagship store being the largest garden furniture showroom in the UK with over 200 sets on display. And if you are struggling to choose, our expert team are always on hand to answer your queries and can offer plenty of advice to help you come away with your perfect garden furniture.

  • We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction

    Being a small family-run business has its advantages, one being that we are a close-knit team that all share the same goal: customer satisfaction and building community. Another is that we're small enough to care about you, but big enough to deliver. We know that the happiest customers are the best ambassadors for our brand and let’s face it, we all like nice things said about us. We want you to have enjoyed your White Store experience so much that you can’t help but gush about our amazing products and fantastic customer service to your friends and family.

    It's important to us that your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home, and that we inspire you to create a garden that reflects your style (because we have something to suit everyone). So come into a store, meet us, pick up the phone, and chat with us on socials, we want to get to know you in whatever way we can so that we can help you choose your garden furniture and accessories.

  • We're industry leaders

    Having established in 2005, we’ve picked up a thing or two along the way. This has given us the name of being one of the best in our field. We’ve developed an in-depth order tracking hub which lets you know where your order is even down to the detail of it being made in our factories. We’ve chosen the best 2-man and pallet couriers to ensure your delivery is smooth, and we’ve got great relationships with our manufacturers, meaning any complications are resolved quickly and efficiently.

  • We guarantee you'll be happy with your purchase

    Our lengthy guarantees give you peace of mind and show that we’re confident in our product, which means you can be too. White Stores warranties are extensive and cover plenty of eventualities, you can find full details on our warranty page which is ready and available to access at any time, so you always know where you stand.

    If there’s one thing we’re sure of it’s that you will love your chosen product.

History of White Stores

We came to market in 2005, with a humble parasol design. This one parasol design has stood the test of time and remains unchanged for nearly 20 years! Proof that if something's not broken, don't fix it! Our ethos cemented us as a design led company focusing on product quality and design.

Since then, we’ve opened stores throughout the UK and offer the largest collection of outdoor living furniture & accessories in the UK, as well as a stunning selection of Christmas items – but we’ve remained true to our roots, still selling that exact parasol design today. You can find this parasol in Costa Coffee, and at the Open Golf Championships. 

We’re passionate about homes and gardens and want our customers to feel like their garden has become an extension of their home. We create products that are unique in design and specialise in improving concepts so that they’re perfect for you.

We do that using the best materials and tried and tested techniques, surrounded by people who genuinely care about creating products to be proud of.

We’re a passionate outdoor living brand that designs and makes garden furniture, accessories, and Christmas products. 

It’s really great to meet you.

White Stores employees in the Wickford showroom

White Stores at a glance

With 15+ years of garden greatness under our sun-soaked belt, we’ve got the knowledge on all things outdoor furniture. From comfy garden sets to must-have parasols and pergolas, we’re here to take your garden game up a notch. We’re proud to see our garden sets and accessories across mainland UK, bringing only the best outdoor deliveries to you.

But wait, there’s more! We’re all about becoming more eco-aware with how we do things here. As a part of our commitment to sustainability, if something’s not quite right our skilled technicians are on hand to fix any issues. Any returns are repurposed for parts or sent to our outlet store for resale. 

What else do you expect from one of the UK's largest retailers of outdoor living? 

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Our team of experts

Now that we've told you all about White Stores, allow us to introduce you to those who make the magic happen. Our fantastically talented team of experts, who continue to make White Stores what it is today.

Team member victoria

I'm Victoria, a visionary leader in the world of business operations here at White Stores. I have a passion for excellence and a commitment to fostering diversity, and so I'm proud to stand at the forefront of innovation, bringing a fresh perspective to the corporate landscape.


Operations Director

Team member James

Hey, I'm James, the tech enthusiast and self-confessed geek who has been a pivotal part of White Stores since the early days. When I'm not immersed in the latest emerging digital trends, you'll find me mastering the art of slow BBQ cooking.



Team member Emily

Hi, I'm Emily, an outdoor appreciator who adores countryside walks and is always ready to say hi to a dog at any given opportunity. I'd say I'm the go-to hub of creativity for friends & family. I’m the Lead Merchandiser for White Stores covering both the website and our flagship locations.


Lead Merchandiser

Team member Rob

I've now got over a decade of outdoor living knowledge under my belt. My role here is to oversee all things product; travelling to Europe and Asia to design, source and review the collections you see. Even when I'm out and about, you'll often find me critiquing the outdoor furniture; my friends are used to it by now!


Buying Director

Team member Isobel

When I am not at work, I am with family or friends. Anything wholesome, from dog walks & podcasts to Pilates and Sunday roasts. I have worked within the HR department at White Stores for just over two years now, our recent workload has included some exciting upcoming events like our awards night and end of Summer BBQs.


People & Culture Manager

Team member Andrew

Just call me your White Stores guru. I'd describe myself as a dedicated professional with a relentless pursuit of knowledge. I work hard by day, and by night I'm on a quest for the 'why' behind it all (a little like my son.)


SC & Merchandising Director

Team member April

Proud to live my life by the three T's. Tacos, Tequila & Tolkien. Since joining White Stores I have mainly been working on the website you see before you! & other exciting projects.


Junior Designer

Team member Joe

I've been a retail maven for 9 years now, rising from part-timer to showroom manager, and now steering as retail maestro. On the field, I'm a dynamic box-to-box force. Passionate about both the game and crafting extraordinary customer experiences.


Retail Manager

Team member Hayley

Hey, I'm Hayley, the fearless adventurer who's swam with Great Whites and skydived at 10,000ft. When I'm not thrill-seeking, I'm creating captivating marketing for White Stores, propelling me to claim Copywriter of the Year 2023 at the Digital Women Awards.


Marketing Executive

Team member Alex

Hi, I'm Alex, a wanderlust-filled globetrotter and Europeanrail-hopper. I love to socialise, from casual chats to events, you'll always find me energised. When I'm not on the rails or lost in literary tales, I help with business operations and stock navigation.


Stock Control Administrator

Team member Leeanna

I enjoy spending time with my family and am incredibly proud to watch my little boy learn and grow every day. I hope to see more of the world with my husband and child and create many precious memories.


HR, Recruitment & Business

Team member Neil

I've worked in the Wickford Showroom for nearly 4 years and have personally assisted over 3700 customers in that time. When I'm not managing the showroom, you'll find me in my garden, outdoor cooking or tinkering on my "vintage" Land Rover Defender 90.


Showroom Manager

Team member Ed

Hi, my name is Ed, also known as Steady Eddy. I have worked at White Stores for 5 years. When I’m not working I enjoy watching football. I’m known for my really little legs and quirky hats, and I love relaxing in the sun on holiday!


Furniture Technician

Team member Lorna

When I'm not at work you can often find me on a plane travelling the world, walking my lovable dog Lola in the countryside, or at drag bingo or a live show with my girlfriends.


Customer Service Advisor


Hey, I'm James, a devoted family man who loves to get involved in games and adventures with my wonderful kids. I've got a fervent love for coding, making me the White Stores tech guru. My greatest excitement lies in exploring cutting-edge technologies, an ever-evolving passion that fuels the businesses digital innovations.


IT & Development Director


Hey, I'm Leah, the triple threat. Juggling 2 young children, working for the finance team in White Stores and a creative balloon stylist on the side. I love the busy work life but will always still find the time to live the social life and celebrate every occasion.


Accounts Assistant

Want to join the team?

We are always on the look out for talented people to join our passionate and dedicated team. Let's start the conversation today!

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