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  1. When will it be sunny again? Embrace the British summer

    The British summer is known for its unpredictable weather, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your garden to the fullest. Here at White Stores, we've made it our mission this summer to help Brits get the most from their outdoor spaces, even when the sun isn't shining.

  2. Introducing the Bella collection: Redefine outdoor luxury

    At White Stores, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in outdoor living – the Bella collection. This exceptional garden furniture range combines elegance, versatility, and durability, providing you with the perfect setup to transform your outdoor space into a space you enjoy spending time in. 

  3. Your guide to keeping your garden furniture outside in any weather

    In the quest to create the perfect outdoor space, one common concern looms large: how to keep garden furniture looking its best outside amidst changing weather conditions. From waterproof cushions to weatherproof materials, finding the right furniture that can withstand the elements is crucial.

  4. Introducing Arlo: The ultimate outdoor fabric chaise sofa

    Are you in need of new garden furniture that looks the part, doesn’t cost a fortune and is low maintenance? Think that you’re asking for too much? What if we said we’ve got just the thing for you.

  5. The perfect Easter garden table setting

    As Easter approaches and the weather starts to warm up, many of us look forward to spending more time outdoors. One delightful way to embrace the season and celebrate Easter is by dressing up your garden table for a festive outdoor gathering.

  6. How to keep your pergola safe in extreme weathers

    Over the past couple of months, the UK has experienced storm after storm, battling extreme weather including high winds, rain and in some places snow. These conditions are enough to cause a lot of interruption, damage, and even bring down trees. So, how can we keep our garden furniture safe, particularly pergolas. 

  7. Re-Use Your Garden Furniture Cardboard Delivery Boxes

    As a nation, we Brits are spending more and more time outdoors, choosing not to be deterred by our less tropical climate and instead adapting our gardens to suit our desire to spend time in the fresh air.

  8. You Do Not Need A Garden To Enjoy Garden Furniture

    When you think of garden furniture, does your mind automatically place it on a luscious green lawn with shrubs and a patio or decking? If this is your reality, you may be shocked to know that not everyone has access to a garden.

  9. Garden Furniture That’s Not Going Out of Fashion

    Like any other industry, the garden furniture world has trends that come and go, however they tend to change less quickly than other industries, such as fashion. In this blog we’ve revealed the top garden furniture trends that are here to stay – for a while at least!

  10. Luxury Garden Furniture Brands

    When looking for garden furniture online there is an overwhelming number of websites which offer a wealth of furniture from an extensive range of manufacturers and brands making it very difficult to know where to shop, particularly if you’re specifically looking for “luxury” garden furniture.

  11. Why You Should Trust White Stores' Garden Furniture

    Buying garden furniture is a big decision, as it’s a purchase that’ll be made with several things in mind – your budget, garden size and its purpose. We’ve all been guilty of buying cheap furniture that breaks or isn’t of the quality to withstand all types of weather.

  12. How to Create a Garden Suitable for Daytime and Evening

    Time spent in the garden is often limited by weather and free time, so in order to make the most of your garden it is important that it is suitable for both daytime and evening use. Here, we have revealed the perfect ways to do this.

  13. The Latest Rattan Garden Furniture Designs

    Rattan garden furniture is one of the most popular choices of garden furniture on the market. This is thanks to its versatility, weatherproof qualities and availability in a range of colours and styles. However, it is important that both designers and retailers of rattan garden furniture never get complacent with the success of rattan and always look to further their designs and improve the furniture to meet client demand.

  14. Best Rattan Furniture Reviews

    When buying rattan garden furniture one of the first considerations is choosing a retailer to purchase from. There are now many rattan furniture retailers both online and in the high street but does everyone offer the same quality of furniture and are you safe with some of the claims retailers make?

  15. Could A Garden Office Be the Answer To Keeping Home & Work Life Separate

    Working from home has become the new normal for many people throughout the coronavirus pandemic but how many of us feel like we have lost a good work life balance due to our office now being in our homes? Here, we’ve revealed how a garden office could be the key to keeping your home and work life separate.

  16. White Stores to Launch New Garden Furniture Showroom In Windlesham

    Garden furniture showrooms are an excellent way to browse garden furniture in real life, getting to feel, sit on and see the furniture up close, which is why we have showrooms scattered around the country. Our newest venture will see us open a new garden furniture showroom in the Surrey area of Windlesham.

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