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If you're looking for advice on what furniture to buy, top tips on garden design and ideas for how to get the most out of your space, you're in the right place! Discover our latest advice and outdoor living tips in the blogs below!

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  1. How to keep your pergola safe in extreme weathers

    Over the past couple of months, the UK has experienced storm after storm, battling extreme weather including high winds, rain and in some places snow. These conditions are enough to cause a lot of interruption, damage, and even bring down trees. So, how can we keep our garden furniture safe, particularly pergolas. 

  2. How Could A Garden Rising Table Help You?

    Picture this, you’re sitting on your brand-new White Stores Garden furniture set. You’ve opted for a corner sofa with a rising table. It looks great and can transform from coffee table height to pop your drinks down whilst reading your book, to dining and playing board games with the family. The versatility between these table heights means you can spend much more of your time outside.

  3. Re-Use Your Garden Furniture Cardboard Delivery Boxes

    As a nation, we Brits are spending more and more time outdoors, choosing not to be deterred by our less tropical climate and instead adapting our gardens to suit our desire to spend time in the fresh air.

  4. The Best Garden Furniture Materials For Summer

    A recent survey completed by Kubota revealed that 83% of Brits choose to unwind and relax in the comfort of their garden, and 78% are spending more time outdoors due to having a garden. Sounds like not even the typical ‘rainy one moment, sunny the next’ UK weather can stop us from lounging in our gardens and starting the BBQ. 

  5. Should you cover rattan garden furniture?

    You’ve just purchased your new White Stores rattan garden furniture. Its stylish yet practical materials are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. But a question we get a lot, is should you cover your rattan garden furniture? We’ve delved into when and why you should cover your garden furniture below.

  6. Choosing a Garden Parasol

    A garden parasol is the ultimate garden furniture accessory as it provides plenty of benefits such as protecting you, your family and your guests from harmful UV rays.

  7. How to Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions

    Garden furniture cushions are often an afterthought when buying garden furniture but they’re the part you sink into after a long day, they’re the part the kids will wipe their sticky hands on after an ice cream in the sun, and they’re the bit that truly makes the furniture. 

  8. Which is Better – A Round or Rectangular Garden Dining Table?

    Choosing the perfect garden dining table for your outdoor space involves many options and sometimes hours of painstaking research. At White Stores, we’re here to simplify that choice by providing you with all the information in one place.

  9. How to Transform Your Outdoor Space Just in Time for Summer

    An outdoor space to enjoy the summer sun is a treat, with later evenings and warm days making it the ideal time to be amongst nature. But, if your outdoor area is more drab than delightful, you might feel less inclined to relax in it. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas to transform your space, giving you a tranquil haven to enjoy the heat of the summer.

  10. 7 Ideas To Repurpose The Pallet That Arrives With Your Garden Furniture

    When you order garden furniture, you will find that, unless you upgrade your delivery service, most is delivered on a pallet to the nearest flat surface which could be a driveway or curb, leaving you with a chunky pallet to get rid of. But, with these brilliant ideas, you can upcycle your pallet to create something unique and interesting for your home or garden, saving you a trip to the tip!

  11. Thinking of Selling? How to Maximise A Smaller Garden Space

    If you’re thinking of selling your home, it could be time for a garden renovation! A well-presented garden can add a whopping 20% to the value of your property, with 70% of home buyers agreeing that they’d pay more for a home with a nice outdoor space.

  12. How To Choose an Outdoor Water Fountain

    Spring is approaching, and with spring comes more nature, more flowers and hopefully more sunshine. A water feature is a perfect addition to a garden in bloom as it encourages wildlife, incites relaxation, and soothes the soul. So, let’s help you choose your perfect water fountain.

  13. Is Steel or Aluminium Better for Outdoor Furniture?

    Metal garden furniture is becoming highly sought after for modern garden spaces, thanks to the sleek, clean-cut lines that offer a minimalist approach that you can decorate until your heart’s content. But which metal is better for outdoor furniture – steel or aluminium?

  14. Are Round Garden Dining Tables Better for Small Spaces?

    When choosing a new garden dining table, there are plenty of things to consider, with table shape being one of the first choices to make. If you have a large garden you’ll have freedom over most table shapes, but for smaller gardens, we’ll cover what table shape works best for you.

  15. What Outdoor Plants & Flowers Are Best for Garden Planters

    As a nation, we Brits are spending more and more time outdoors, choosing not to be deterred by our less tropical climate and instead adapting our gardens to suit our desire to spend time in the fresh air. 

  16. What Kind of Patio Furniture Can Stay Outside All Year?

    We recently spotted another retailer’s website claiming that steel garden furniture is the best type of patio furniture to leave outside all year round and we were a little shocked, to say the least. We pride ourselves on offering honest advice in our blog section, so it would be a disservice to our customers if we didn’t discuss these claims and give you the proper advice on what patio furniture can stay outside all year.

  17. How to Style Your Garden for Spring

    If, like us, you’re sick of wet and cold weather and are counting down the days until spring, then there are lots of things you can be doing now to prepare your garden so you’re ready to use it when those longer days arrive. Plus, right now is a great time to order garden furniture, so if you’re in the market for something new, check out these top style tips ready for spring.

  18. What Is The Best Metal For Outdoor Furniture?

    If there’s anything we know about, it’s garden furniture! And we think you’ll be surprised to know that another material becoming king of the garden...