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Discover the world of outdoor living, from barbecue recipes and outdoor games to garden design advice, you'll get all of the info you can discuss around a coffee table here!

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  1. Discover Your Garden Style Finding the Perfect Furniture Match

    Choosing the right garden furniture can transform your outdoor space into your favourite spot for relaxation, entertainment, and showcasing your style. To help you make the perfect choice, we invite you to explore different garden styles and find the one that resonates with you. Once you've discovered your garden style, selecting the ideal furniture will be a breeze.

  2. You Do Not Need A Garden To Enjoy Garden Furniture

    When you think of garden furniture, does your mind automatically place it on a luscious green lawn with shrubs and a patio or decking? If this is your reality, you may be shocked to know that not everyone has access to a garden.

  3. The Best Garden Furniture Materials For Summer

    A recent survey completed by Kubota revealed that 83% of Brits choose to unwind and relax in the comfort of their garden, and 78% are spending more time outdoors due to having a garden. Sounds like not even the typical ‘rainy one moment, sunny the next’ UK weather can stop us from lounging in our gardens and starting the BBQ. 

  4. Creating a Garden Oasis: Turning Your Outdoor Space into a Relaxing Retreat

    When was the last time you sat down and enjoyed your garden? It’s well-known that nature can have a positive impact on your state of mind, reducing stress and improving feelings of well-being. But when your garden is more overgrown than an oasis, you might struggle to relax in it. That’s precisely why we’ve put together these tips, giving you actionable steps to turn your outdoor space into a relaxing haven designed to calm your mind

  5. Rustproof Garden Furniture

    If you’re looking to leave your garden furniture outside all year round, you will need to ensure that your furniture is not only weatherproof but also rustproof. Many types of garden furniture can be waterproof and resistant to the elements; however, only certain types are rustproof.

  6. Budget-Friendly Garden Improvements to Boost the Value of Your Home

    Home improvements are big business, with property makeover shows dominating the daytime TV schedules. But, don’t forget about your garden too. Garden is currently the top search term when people are buying property, so you don’t want yours to let the side down. Having a pleasing garden can add value to your home, but it doesn’t need to break the budget to do so.

  7. Improving Your Mental Wellbeing with Outdoor Living

    We can all agree that the last couple of years have been tough, and as a result, its affected people’s mental wellbeing. We live in an era where society recognises the importance of mental health and looking after ourselves.

  8. Garden Furniture That’s Not Going Out of Fashion

    Like any other industry, the garden furniture world has trends that come and go, however they tend to change less quickly than other industries, such as fashion. In this blog we’ve revealed the top garden furniture trends that are here to stay – for a while at least!

  9. Sun Protected Garden Furniture

    Typically, when talking about garden furniture, everybody wants to know whether their furniture is water resistant and whether it can be left outside in bad weather conditions. But what about leaving garden furniture outdoors in the sunshine?

  10. Perfect Poolside Furniture

    If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your garden or to own a holiday home, or if your business has a pool, then you’ll need furniture to surround your area and make it comfortable and enjoyable to use.

  11. The Risks of Buying Used Garden Furniture

    Thanks to the accessibility of the internet, there’s a whole word at the end of your fingertips, and it’s never been easier to purchase everything and anything. Whether it’s a product from Amazon that’s gone viral on TikTok, your weekly food shop, or your favourite designer handbag, if you want it, you can get it – no matter the cost.

  12. Style Icon - White Wash

    The great thing about rattan furniture is it looks excellent in a variety of colours, and throughout the years its colour range has expanded. Starting as a popular choice in black, rattan has evolved into other colours which have also grown in popularity, such as brown and grey.

  13. How To Enjoy the Summer Sizzle with Garden Furniture

    If you haven’t already heard, there’s a heatwave on the way, so it’s time to get your garden ready for the soaring summer heat. With White Stores garden furniture, you’re guaranteed a lavish and stylish experience, even if you end up burnt like a lobster.

  14. Waitrose Garden Furniture vs. White Stores Garden Furniture

    When it comes to buying garden furniture, doing your research is very important. This is because there’s so many different materials that go into making garden furniture and narrowing down your choices can be difficult.

  15. White Stores Garden Furniture vs. Argos Garden Furniture

    Despite having over 15 years of award-winning garden retail experience, our ambition is to grow and to be better with each passing day. We want to continue to challenge the garden furniture market, and sometimes that involves comparing our own garden furniture against our competitors.

  16. White Stores vs. M&S Garden Furniture

    In this blog, we’ve compared ourselves to the retail and supermarket giants, Marks & Spencer. Read on and decide who does it better below (spoiler, it's us!)…

  17. White Stores Garden Furniture vs. ASDA Garden Furniture

    Garden furniture is readily available from all sorts of places, not just garden centres or garden furniture retailers, even supermarket retailer ASDA has their own range of garden furniture available online and in their larger stores. But how do these furniture pieces fair against our own products?

  18. Creating A Minimalistic Garden With White Stores

    Creating an outdoor space that fits you is important, and while we live in an era of accessorising and making grand statements with garden furniture, sometimes people strive for a more simple, uncluttered, and functional space.