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Discover the world of outdoor living, from barbecue recipes and outdoor games to garden design advice, you'll get all of the info you can discuss around a coffee table here!

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  1. A Night Out With White Stores

    Plenty of people enjoy a night out, from the buzz of pre-drinks and getting ready with your friends to dancing the night away at your favourite bar or club. While it’s fun heading out for the night, it can also be expensive!

  2. Creating A Beautiful Outdoor Space With White Stores Garden Furniture

    You often hear people talking about their beautiful gardens, and sometimes we can’t help but look at ours and see overgrown grass, weeds, and a plastic garden table.

  3. Creating The Best Garden In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Since 1979, Star Wars Day has been unofficially celebrated by fans all around the world. Coined by the phrase ‘May the 4th be with you’, the sci-fi franchise has become a massive part of modern culture, and since its acquisition by Disney, it’s become more of a global celebration.

  4. Spend Your Bank Holiday Outdoors With White Stores

    Spring is a wonderful time of year; the weather begins to change, the sun starts to shine, and the evenings are lighter. But what’s even more exciting? The bank holidays! At White Stores, we love bank holidays because it means our customers can make the most of their outdoor space with our wide range of garden furniture.

  5. How To Celebrate Outdoors On St. Georges Day

    St. Georges Day is a day of celebration and with the weather turning warmer, it’s an excellent opportunity to make the most of your garden. It’s a good excuse to throw a party, or to host a meal with family and friends.

  6. The Best Way To Spend Your Weekends

    If you’re like us, you love your weekends. When Monday rolls around, it’s the blues, but when it’s Friday, it’s full of excitement. After a long week at work, spending time in the garden is good for you as it’s a tranquil space ideal for recharging.

  7. Building The Perfect Garden For Your Retirement

    They say the older you get, the more you appreciate your garden. The garden becomes a place to relax, where you can enjoy the quieter moments as well as bringing your family together for heartfelt moments, making it the ideal space for retirement.

  8. Preparing Your Garden For Every Season

    Living in the UK can bring many challenges, such as does the cream or jam go on scones first, should you have tomato or brown sauce in your bacon sandwich, or the most difficult of all…trying to predict the weather.

  9. Creating The Most Eggs-traordinary Space For Easter

    The Easter Bank Holiday is round the corner and that means another fantastic opportunity to spend time in your garden. Easter is known for sun, fun and Easter Egg hunts.

  10. Putting A Spring Step In Your Garden Set

    After a long, chilly winter of sitting snuggled up indoors or by the firepit, it’s time to enjoy your garden again. At White Stores, we’re here to help you put a spring step in your garden set.

  11. It’s Inevi(table)… You’re Going To Love the Heritage Range!

    Our Heritage collection is named so because it upholds the traditional values of rattan garden furniture – durable, comfortable, handwoven, and stylish. Here, we reveal the key qualities of our Heritage range that make it the perfect choice for your garden.

  12. How Your Garden Can Become the Perfect Escape in Your New Home

    If you’re looking for a new home, chances are you’ve not thought much about the garden space, and the outdoor area of the house hasn’t been a deal-breaker for you. We’re here to tell you that it should be one of the first things you think about when moving house.

  13. Create The Picture-Perfect Patio

    Creating a picturesque outdoor space that is worthy of the gram, is not only beneficial for racking up those likes but will also create a garden that you are proud of, and an area where you can go to relax. Here, we’ve revealed the best ways to create a picture-perfect patio with the aid of garden furniture and accessories.

  14. Creating a Romantic Date Night On Your Patio

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’ve revealed all the ways you can create a romantic date setup in your very own garden, away from the crowds of people and overpriced steaks in restaurants, using just garden furniture and accessories!

  15. How to Host a New Year’s Eve Garden Party

    In the UK it’s unheard of to have a New Year’s Eve garden party but with our top tips you can turn transform your outdoor space into the perfect place to celebrate, giving you the best vantage point to watch the fireworks and not have to worry about your house getting messy.

  16. Elegant, Stylish, Comfortable - The Rattan Sofa Set

    If you’re looking to add timeless style and practical seating to your garden, why not choose a rattan sofa set? Not only does this furniture improve the overall look of your garden but it provides a comfortable seating area for year-round use.

  17. Premium Rattan Furniture

    Like many things, rattan furniture varies in style, price and quality. If you’re looking for premium rattan furniture, then there are plenty of top quality pieces on offer, but you must know what you are looking for in order to come away with a top deal as well as premium quality furniture.

  18. Heating Your Patio Area

    Although we’re now into the summer months, the weather is still extremely temperamental – typical of the British climate. So, what can you do to ensure the weather doesn’t interfere with your garden plans? We recommend a patio heater, to keep your garden well lit, warm and always stylish.