Let’s be honest, when you normally think about gardens and garden furniture, the word fun doesn’t spring to mind. However, at White Stores, we believe in creating an outdoor space that brings families together.

We have a selection of products that’ll add fun to your garden and sets that’ll make even the grumpiest of grandparents’ smile!

Soft To The Touch

Enjoying your garden furniture is important to us, and we want you and your family to feel the benefits. Our first-class products are made for everyone to love, and the fabric collection is perfect for family dining.

Developed in partnership with Sunbrella, our Edge collection brings luxury and peace of mind to your garden. Not only is the Sunbrella fabric soft and inviting, but it’s also water and stain resistant. It brings a mess-free, chic, and fabulously comfortable dining experience to your door.

You won’t have to worry about clumsiness or overexcited children as spillages ruining the party are the thing of the past as they can be cleaned straight away with soapy water. For more stubborn stains such as ice cream, fruit juice, wine, or a fizzy drink, you’ll need a mixture of bleach, soap, and water to clean.

In terms of possibilities, the Edge dining set collection comes with a variety of sizes and shapes. Starting at a 4-seat dining set, these sets feature different shaped tables including oval, square, rectangular and round. You can also improve the atmosphere with a firepit, too.

Regardless of what set or combination you choose, you won’t find much more comfort than with the Edge’s cushioned, quick-dry foam bucket chairs. They round out a truly stunning collection that is excellent for entertaining, no matter the weather.

These sets are bound to

put a smile on your face as

they bring you relaxation and fun.

Hanging Around

Our hanging egg chairs are a fun and quirky addition to your garden furniture setup. The chair is strong, and sturdy and you’ll sway gently when you’re sat inside it. It’s a cosy spot that’s an escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle and its fun for children too.

The egg chairs are made from a powder coated aluminium framework and PE synthetic rattan. These two components are protected against rust, corrosion, and breakage. However, the pole and base are made from steel, so it’s best to store it inside during the winter months.

Our hanging egg chairs come with two options, a single, ideal for sitting back, reading a book, and enjoying a cheeky glass of wine, or a double, where you and your family can hang around together!

The chairs do require assembly, but we’re sure you’ll have a cracking time.

Dine And Recline

Imagine this, you have your own home, you’re married, you have children and most likely a dog, what are you missing? A reclining dining set! These sets are bound to put a smile on your face as they bring you relaxation and fun.

From the Heritage and Classic collections, come the Carolina and Ruxley reclining dining sets. The Carolina range features reclining chairs with a slightly curved back and refined armrests, whereas the Ruxley has a higher back and straight armrests. But don’t worry, they both recline at the push of the button.

If you’re looking for something completely different, then our Venice dining sets bring a whole new reclining experience. These are powder-coated with our AkzoNobel technology, meaning you could even recline in the rain. The Venice’s chairs distinctive features are its high-back and angular, glossy armrests. The chair itself is made from texteline, giving it a modern finish and would be the greatest finishing touch to your outdoor space.

With our garden furniture so many fun moments are waiting to be found, so visit one our showrooms or our website today!