Thanks to our years of experience, we have come to understand our customer and that has enabled us to put your experience with our product first. We've thought about that next level of detail, that others haven't considered, to offer leading and innovative products. We are always thinking about what it's like to be using the product rather than just making it and shipping it. We have put ourselves in your shoes, and so we are proud to present a Rattan Dining range has been designed with thought, built with care and made for you.

With so many unique features, our dining range offers a level of unrivalled quality. From the high-spec handmade, and bespoke weave to the lengthy warranties, there’s always a reason to dine with White Stores.

"Our Rattan Furniture is built with a difference."

The Dining Is In The Details

Our rattan dining collection is made with coated aluminium rather than coated steel. Why? Because we don't want your furniture to rust and turn your patio orange.

We offer multiple dining chair options with different profiles and widths. Why? Simply, because we really want you to be comfortable in our chairs.

Our dining tables don't come with inset glass. Why? Because we know that you want to be able to easily remove it and clean it after a fun garden party.

But they do come fitted with additional support bars. Why? Because we know there's nothing more frustrating than a wobbly table, and we want your drink to stay in your glass.

They also come with parasol hole adaptors. Why? Because parasols come in different widths, and we want you to relax when using our furniture, not listen to the parasol rattle and blow about.

Plus, all of our rattan dining sets are rigorously tested and come with 5-to-7-year warranties. Why? Because our furniture is built to last, giving you peace of mind.

Understanding Our Choices...

At White Stores, our rattan furniture is built with a difference. The dining range is primarily built for formal dining; however, our collections offer flexibility. As standard our rattan is made from a PE (Polyethylene) Synthetic weave. This is far better than the cheaper alternatives on the market such as PU and PVC as it is fully weather resistant and will not go brittle and crack.

Our rattan range includes three different weave types, flat, half round with rod detailing, and a wide weave with rod detailing. The foundations of the dining sets are powder coated aluminium rather than coated steel, meaning the furniture is completely rustproof - we don’t want your patio turning orange and nor do you!

You’ll never find our tables with inset glass; in order for easy cleaning our glass is removable and tempered to improve its durability – reducing the risk of breakages. Plus, they’re fitted with additional support bars to prevent unsteadiness – that means no wobbly tables causing havoc when dining.

A wide selection of these sets also come with a parasol hole but not just any parasol hole, one that can fit parasols with 58mm, 48mm or 38mm poles. You won’t have to worry about your parasol rattling in the wind because you can change the size at any time by removing the aluminium ring spacer to suit the size of your parasol hole, allowing you to relax peacefully. There’s a parasol hole cap included too, allowing full use of the dining space.

With other options available, such as firepits and ice buckets, quality isn’t our only priority, but convenience and style too.

The Possibilities...

Classic Collection

As you may have noticed, the possibilities are endless, so it’s hard to know where to begin; but wherever you start, you’ll notice the difference. Our Classic Collection offers garden furniture for any outdoor space, and the 4 different chair styles within this affordable, yet quality flat weave range offer different widths and profiles for different occasions, allowing you to choose what you find most comfortable for outdoor dining.

The Olivia is our widest and lowest set chair, designed for a lounge atmosphere. Whereas, our Sienna chair is a high-back formal dining chair, with the Amelia offering a smaller sister version to this. Our Ruxley chair combines the lot with its high back, that also fully reclines for a lounging moment.

Our many table options ranging in size, shape and style in the Classic collection feature our standardised 5mm tempered glass which comes with all our flat weave options. Not only does it add extra protection but makes it easier to clean once the dinner party is over.

Heritage Collection

If you want to create a different atmosphere then explore our Heritage Collection, where the Thalia range offers premium dining experiences. Woven with the half round weave and rod detailing, the Thalia offers more durability. The Camilla, though smaller offers the same detailing and luxury, with the Leeanna providing a more relaxed dining setup and the Carolina offering the best of both worlds with a reclining option to unwind with when you’re full of barbecued food. On all of these chairs, there are padded stain and water-resistant seat and back cushions with high-quality foam and fibre fillings.

Our Heritage tables also have a sheet of Perspex under the table which helps prevent the sagging which can sometimes occur when rattan gets hot, ensuring the table is more visually appealing and more durable in high temperatures.

All of our Heritage table options feature and improved 8mm tempered safety glass table-top. This is thicker than on the Classic range, and is one of the factors allowing us to offer a longer warranty on the Heritage collection.


Firepit Options

To add another dimension to your dining experience, consider a gas firepit table. All of our firepit tables have a double layer gas pan with an air flow built in. This allows us to maintain the gorgeous rattan top rather than replace with metal because it reduces the heat transfer that a single layer firepit would create so that the tabletop does not get hot and melt.

While you’re sitting back and watching the world go by, the firepit will keep you and your guests warm while adding light and heat to your outdoor space - extending the amount of time you can spend outdoors as well as the times of year your furniture is in use.

Plus, when you’re not using the firepit or need extra dining space, you can close off this area with the lid provided, allowing you to enjoy the full length of your dining table.


Dine With Peace Of Mind

All our products have been thoroughly tested and each collection comes with a lengthy warranty. Our Classic Collection that features the Amelia, Olivia, Ruxley and Sienna sets, all come with a 5-year warranty. Whereas the Heritage Collection, featuring the Camilla, Carolina, Leeanna, and Thalia all come with a 7-year warranty. The wide-weave Oyster range which is part of the Traditional Collection also comes with a 7-year warranty.

Regardless of the dining set, our quality is what sets us apart. Visit our website to explore the difference or visit one of our showrooms to feel the difference for yourself.