When choosing a new garden dining table, there are plenty of things to consider, with table shape being one of the first choices to make. If you have a large garden you’ll have freedom over most table shapes, but for smaller gardens, we’ll cover what table shape works best for you.

"Top Tip: Make sure you factor in space for chairs!"

- White Stores

Space Saving

The number one factor when it comes to choosing a garden dining set for a small garden is space-saving. If you have limited space, you don’t want to overrun your garden with a dining set that leaves no room for anything else. Round dining tables take up less space as they have a smaller surface area than rectangular dining tables.

Top Tip: Make sure you factor in space for chairs!



If you prefer the appearance of a rectangular table but you’re worried about the space it takes up, there is a solution. A garden cube set is a perfect choice as you get the appearance of a rectangular or square table, but the chairs and footstools will fold away under the table when not in use, so you won’t lose your entire garden to furniture.

Another benefit of a cube set is that you can fit extra guests when needed thanks to the footstools. At White Stores, we have put lots of thought into our footstools and you’ll find that the cushion height will make your guests on stools the same height as those on chairs, rather than beneath them.



Whilst rectangular tables can sometimes extend, we find a round table is better overall for fitting extra guests because the table legs won’t get in the way of additional chairs. And if you are inviting extra guests a round table will also feel more intimate.


With a rectangular table, you might not get to speak to all of your guests as it does create a divide – great if you don’t really like your Aunt Sally but not great if you want to hear all of Cousin Bob’s funny stories – whereas a round table makes you all part of one group, able to share and talk with everyone.

Round tables feel more informal and create a more relaxed atmosphere and are also great for playing board games etc. as there will be no one who can’t reach the middle.



Rectangular tables are designed for symmetry. So, if you’re a small family of 3 or 5, someone could feel left out, whereas a round table will keep everyone included. Plus, if you have a small garden or balcony, you’ll find that round dining sets come in smaller seat numbers starting at 2 seaters and 4 seaters whereas rectangular dining sets will start at 6 seats.

There is no wrong choice when it comes to preference, and there are solutions for smaller gardens in both round and rectangular dining sets. If you want to browse our collection of outdoor dining, why not visit one of our showrooms? We look forward to seeing you there!