Choosing the perfect garden dining table for your outdoor space involves many options and sometimes hours of painstaking research. At White Stores, we’re here to simplify that choice by providing you with all the information in one place.

The answer to the question is a round or rectangular garden dining table better, is actually to ask you some different questions. The answer isn’t as simple as one being better than the other. It’s which one is right for you! When shopping for garden furniture, many people fall into the trap of measuring their garden first and deciding on a style second, but we believe there is a correct order in how you decide what garden dining style is best for you and you should follow the questions below to decide on your favourite outdoor dining.

"If you’re the type of person to eat every meal outside as soon as the sun shines, then an outdoor dining set is definitely for you."

- White Stores

What Do You Use Your Garden For?

If you’re using your garden mainly for sunbathing, then perhaps you’re not looking for a dining set at all! Or if you prefer the option of relaxing with your feet up but also enjoy a barbecue then perhaps a casual dining should be your go-to. If you’re the type of person to eat every meal outside as soon as the sun shines, then an outdoor dining set is definitely for you.


How Many People Use Your Garden?

Do only 2 of you live at home, but you actually only use the garden when you have friends over? Or are you a family of 4 that spends hours outdoors together? Do you invite friends over regularly for drinks outdoors? It might be that you need extra seats than just catering for those living at home. This is an important question to ask to decide just how many your garden furniture needs to be able to seat – it’s no good only seating 4 if you never just have 4 of you outdoors, and there’s also no need to have room for 12 if you only invite other guests once a year. Find your perfect balance and bear this in mind when searching for a dining set or casual dining set. 


When Do You Go Outdoors?

Are you only going outdoors when the weather goes above 25 degrees? Or are you someone who likes to be outdoors in all weather? Or perhaps you tend to go outdoors only in the evening after work and not at all during the day. This helps you determine whether you need a specific table addition like an ice bucket centre for keeping drinks cool on hot days or a firepit centre for keeping warm in the evenings.

It also helps you determine whether you need any extras like a garden parasol to create shade on hot days or a pergola that creates shelter over your garden for all-year-round use.

How Do You Spend Your Time Outdoors?

We know this sounds similar to the first question, but it’s actually slightly different. You’ve established that you’re a family that likes to dine outdoors, but are you only dining or are you playing board games too? Are you a formal dinner party kind of person or do you need a chilled, social space?

This will allow you to determine the shape of your garden dining table. A round table is a much more social environment. Everyone can see everyone around the table and conversation can flow amongst everyone. You can put food or games in the middle of the table, and everyone can reach them. A rectangular table can segregate guests allowing different conversations to take place – so if you have that one family member you would rather not talk to, you can easily avoid them! A rectangular table can also be more formal. A round dining table can also be more space-saving which is when you ask yourself…


How Much Space Do I Have?

Now you know what you use your garden for, how you use it, and how many seats you need you can measure up and filter down the options available to those that will fit in your space. By doing this, you aren’t choosing a set simply based on what fits in the space. You’ve narrowed down your options already and actually got some idea of what furniture you will get the most use out of before you’ve got bogged down in tape measures and dimensions.

Understanding and following all the questions above will help you not only determine whether a round or rectangular outdoor dining table is best for you but a lot of other factors that will help you discover the perfect garden furniture for your garden and help you to get the most use out of it.