Picture this, you’re sitting on your brand-new White Stores Garden furniture set. You’ve opted for a corner sofa with a rising table. It looks great and can transform from coffee table height to pop your drinks down whilst reading your book, to dining and playing board games with the family. The versatility between these table heights means you can spend much more of your time outside.

In this blog we will go through how rising tables work, the benefits, and if one would suit your garden.

"There’s no need to move around lots of furniture or have two sets of furniture for that matter."

- White Stores

What is an outdoor rising table?

One moment it’s a coffee table, the next a dining table. This space-saving idea has transformed garden table designs for many years now and is becoming a popular choice amongst those of us with limited room in our gardens. 

A rising table does what it says on the tin. It’s a table that can be adjusted in height to accommodate the needs of the user. These ingenious designs can go from a relaxed coffee table height to a dining table height. Nice and easy.

How does a rising table work?

For rattan garden furniture sets, the magic of rising tables is hidden inside the table itself. There are two sections of a rising table, that cleverly slot into each other when it’s at a coffee table height. To extend this to a dining table height, all you need to do is lift the face of the table which exposes that inner section and clip it into place.

Aluminium tables are slightly different. Some of the aluminium rising tables have a lever to operate the mechanism, making it even easier to change between the two heights.

It’s saving you space (and money)

There’s no need to move around lots of furniture or have two sets of furniture for that matter. Are you looking for a relaxed corner sofa with a low coffee table? Tick. But you also want the choice to eat outside when the British weather decides to go over 25 degrees. Tick again. The days of eating off your lap or hunched over a low table are over.

Deciding to buy a casual dining set, which includes a rising table, could be the best (and most cost-saving) idea you could have for your garden planning.

Will a rising table suit my garden?

What shape comes to mind when you think of a dining table? Rectangular, I'm sure. We’re all guilty of it. What if I could tell you that it doesn’t need to be that way? They say ‘The Circle of Life’ for a reason. 

Rising tables don’t all come in one rectangular size. Choosing a circular rising dining table gives your friends and family the opportunity to dine and socialise with an intimate feel. 

Plus, rising tables can come in a variety of materials, including classics like Rattan and Aluminium. We even have a rising firepit table! There really is a rising table for us all.