We understand that when you’re shopping online for garden furniture, you probably come across a lot of similar furniture and understanding what makes one stand out from another is not always obvious. But we’re proud to develop furniture like nothing else on the market! We present to you, the aluminium firepit coffee table.

Okay, okay, we know you’ve probably seen firepit tables before and that concept might not be new to you, but our aluminium coffee tables with gas firepits are different to anything else you’ll find on the market for this price.

What makes these firepits special?

Above all, it’s the quality of these firepits that separates them from anything else on the market. The aluminium material is of much higher quality when compared to materials like GRC and MGO firepits. Unfortunately, whilst these materials are used frequently, they are not as weather resistant or durable as aluminium and therefore aluminium doesn’t face the same problems that these materials do. For example, GRC is prone to fade, chip and crack over time or when knocked, but aluminium doesn’t face such issues.

Our aluminium firepit coffee tables are made with high-quality spec, including (forgive us whilst we go a little bit techy) a 304-grade stainless steel burner pan. To the non-techy expert, that simply means one of the best on the market in terms of strength and corrosion resistance.

As well as being CE certified for peace of mind, the firepits will also burn for a long time, we estimate 6 consistent hours on the highest heat setting thanks to the 40,000 BTUs – this means the firepit does give off heat and isn’t just a pretty flame.

Plus, with aluminium garden furniture being the next big garden trend that we are set to see on patios all over the UK within the next couple of years (if you haven’t already become one of the trendsetters leading the pack and have this already). That means these firepits are extremely on trend and if you want to keep this furniture for years to come, you’re on the right path with aluminium firepit tables.

have plenty of space to

keep food and drink close by.

Why should you choose a firepit table?

If you’re looking at new garden furniture and like the idea of one of these aluminium firepit coffee tables but aren’t sure why you should choose a firepit table over another type of table, there are plenty of reasons, but the key selling point for us is the ability to use your garden year-round.

A firepit table adds both heat and light to your garden. So, whether it’s a chilly spring morning where you want to add a bit of heat whilst you enjoy your cup of tea in the spring sunshine, or it’s an autumn evening where the sun has set but you’re not ready to go indoors, you can spend longer outdoors. And we all know that time outdoors is great for our physical and mental well-being.

A gas firepit in particular is a great choice for any garden because you don’t get the horrible black smoke that comes from a wood burner or chiminea. Plus, your clothes don’t smell of smoke after using them. It’s also much easier to control the heat settings as there is a handy control knob, rather than guessing by throwing another few bits of wood on the flames.

If you’re someone who wants their garden to be a chill-out zone, a coffee table is the ultimate addition as you can match it to a cosy corner sofa and keep your garden a relaxed space whereas a dining table will make the area more formal. But you still have plenty of space to keep food and drink close by.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re sold, browse our range online. However, if you’re still not sure, why not pop down to one of our showrooms for a demonstration? We’ll see you soon!